APC stalwart wants leaders caution their supporters against social media thuggery

By Kaka Mohammed Misau

A stalwart of the All Progressives Congress in Bauchi state, Architect Sadiq Ahmed Iliyasu has appealed to politicians in the country to caution their supporters against indulging in social media thuggery.

A Politician and Practicing Architect based in Bauchi, Iliyasu, said a situation where suppers of some politicians vilify the opponents of their masters in social media for no just cause was a bad omen in the contemporary politics.

Architect Iliyasu who was the state Assembly candidate under APC in 2019 for Chiroma constituency Misau LGA, noted that the ongoing membership revalidation and registration was a welcome development.

He said that the good part of the exercise was to enable all members of the APC revalidate their membership and also for those willing to join the party be registered.

According to him, the exercise will help bring members of the party under one platform so that the national leadership will have a data base of each and every member.

“From what we have been hearing, though not confirmed, APC want to make changes in some of its policy, may be the registered members are the ones that are going to vote-in the party Excos at all levels”, Architect Iliyasu said.

We are very much ready, if you can remember on Sunday we had a meeting in my local government which I was there, so we have the list of all supervisors, polling unit registration officers, LG supervisors, were submitted at the state level, so we are very much ready, who ever is interested should go and register we are ready for all categories of people and the mobilization is opened, even if you like you can mobilize your people to go and register, they might be of importance to you one day.

You see at times there is problem of the leaders, we don’t use to tell our followers the plain truth and some of us, sorry to say this, are not leading with maturity and decorum. So once we have these kind of situation I think the followers will be misguided and be ranting all over in the social media, disrespecting people doing all sorts of immature things in the social media.

To God who made me I made it clear during our last meeting in Misau LG that all my followers should not disrespect anybody via the social media platforms and outside the social media platforms, I don’t encourage that and I think if other leaders will follow that decorum we wouldn’t have such kind of problems.

We need somebody with high sense of maturity and lot of experience both in politics and administration because like I told you earlier on, Bauchi people likes APC and it is the party for the people of Bauchi, so we will have a problem of candidates in almost all the political seats in Bauchi most especially the Governorship, I think we have more than ten people aspiring for it, so if we don’t have the person of high caliber, I don’t think he can be able to manage such kind of situation in the state.

If you study Bauchi politics, we in the Bauchi central are been marginalized, that is why we use to have the seat of party chairman just to pacify us. Usually, the Governor use to come from Bauchi south while the deputy use to come from Bauchi north, I think that is the only political seat that is been left for us in the Bauchi central, so maybe this time around the click will might change, maybe the Governor might come from Bauchi central or as Bauchi north people are agitating, is their time now, so if we have the zoning from Bauchi central or Bauchi north, then definitely the chairmanship will shift to Bauchi south.

Well I think in every political party there is always some elements of bad eggs and I think the poor conduct of direct primaries during the last election led to this scenario of anti party and I believed we have enough time to arrange or get ready for whatever method of primaries we are going for and I think the leadership of the party at the national level should take cognizance of this situation.

He appealed to the people of the state to come out en mass for the ongoing party membership revalidation and registration exercise.

Adding that the registration will give us the opportunity to nominate our party executives at various levels

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