As FMC Azare Marks 20th Anniversary, Minister Of State For Health Commends MD’s Performance

By Mohammed Kaka Misau, Bauchi

The Nigerian Minister of state for Health, Dr. (Senator) Adeleke Olorunnimbe Mamora has commended the Medical Director of Federal Medical Center Azare, Dr. Ibrahim Abdullahi Bichi for exceptional performance in steering the affairs of the hospital.

Senator Mamora who gave the commendation while speaking at an occasion organized by the management of the hospital to mark her 20th anniversary in Azare, observed that the CMD has done very well.

“By the book of my faith, with all due respect to other faiths, the Bible says let your light so shine before men that they may see your good works, and glorify your father who is in heaven”, he quoted.

The Minister who observed that all the dignitaries who spoke has been saying to God be the glory because the CMD has done well, pointed out that when one does well, such person is not honoring himself but God.

“He rode with me from Kano to this state and he was sharing with me some of the things I have always told all of them, MDs & CMDs when we have meetings. One of the thing I was telling them was that, we all must consciously realize that whatever position we are occupying now, is just for now, it cannot and will not be forever”, he said.

The minister who noted that he always tells himself about the need to do good, pointed out whether one likes it or not at some point in time, everyone serving now will not be there one day.

“All of us in whatever position we are today, we will become men and women of yester years, we will be remembered for whatever we were able to do when we were in that position. That’s one thing I always remind them of”, Senator Mamora recalled.

He challenged public office holders to ensure that they write their names in the minds of people they are serving by touching their lives positively instead of building one gigantic statue which will only be there.

“It is better to leave your footprint not just in the sands of time but in the minds of people so that at some point in time posterity will be there to say when this man was here he did this, so I am proud of your achievements in this place”, the Minister advised.

According to him, instead of abandoning projects started by their predecessors, other MDs should emulate, Dr. Bichi who ensured that all the projects he made were completed before starting new ones.

“This place will not be like this and I am happy that he acknowledged those that were before him who tried to make a difference too, that is the whole thing I am coming to, which is that, you are not a magician, so no body expect a magic from you but what we expect is for you to try and make difference and that is what this young man has done.

The Minister who explained that the administration of President Muhammadu Buhari is committed to the welfare of Nigerians, most especially in the area of healthcare delivery, added that the President has done so much in terms of establishment of new centers including the upgrading of the existing ones.

“With the advent of COVID, in all the tertiary health institutions, whether teaching hospital or federal medical centers we have ensured that each of these hospitals has molecular laboratory and Isolation wards as well as intensive care unit”, he said.

Senator Mamora who recalled that when COVID came, Nigeria had just four molecular laboratories in the entire country, informed that the country now have about 120 molecular laboratories.

He added that, “there were hospitals that didn’t have intensive care unit or ward prior to now but I don’t know any federal medical center that doesn’t have intensive care unit right now”.

“Oxygen supply which is a critical factor in the management of COVID cases, oxygen therapy, we have oxygen plants that have been established all over the place now, now we even have in excess”, the Minister further said.

Senator Mamora while stating that President Muhammadu Buhari has given them a mandate at the health ministry to do everything possible to bridge the gap between the primary health and tertiary healthcare delivery in order to give effect to the concept of universal health care coverage, added that FG has continued with that collaboration with the states.

According to him, the healthcare delivery is a pyramidal structure and the base on which that pyramid is primary health before moving up to secondary and then to tertiary as the apex body.

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