We have always been the best in Sallah durbar – Wazirin Dambam Dr. Abdullahi

By Mohammed Kaka Misau

The Wazirin Dambam, Dr. Ahmad Umar Abdullahi has said that Dambam has always been the best during Sallah durbar within the Misau emirate council.

Dr. Ahmad Umar Abdullahi who made this known in an interview with our Corresspondent during this year’s Sallah durbar in Misau on Wednesday pointed out that Misau emirate council has a very rich cultural history not only in Misau emirate council but Bauchi state in general.

Dr. Abdullahi who was the Barayan Dambam before been elevated to the title of Waziri said, the exceptional performance of Dambam during the durbar was not something new.

“Before I became the Waziri of Dambam, I was appointed by our father, the late District head of Dambam, Alhaji Musa Sulaiman as Barayan Dambam due to my competency before his son who succeeded him elevated me to Waziri”, Dr. Umar Abdullahi recalled.

“On the durbar you talked about, it is not something new, it is there in the history of Misau emirate, anytime durbar is held, the District head of Dambam used to emerge the first, Dambam used to be adjudged the best. So you can see that Dambam has a history of been the best during Sallah durbar”, he said.

The Wazirin Dambam said that the feat was achieved because the people of Dambam has the zeal and passion of sustaining the rich cultural heritage of the emirate council.

“We attained this achievement because the District head of Dambam, the village heads and all the traditional title holders in the local government has the passion and zeal to protect and sustain the age-long rich cultural heritage of our forefathers”, the traditional title holder said.

According to him, the entire people of Dambam are united in everything for the progress of the Misau emirate council.

“I don’t think it’s something surprising that we have always maintained the first position or we are seen as the most colorful and adorable one during durbar, in Sha Allah, this feat will continue”, Dr. Abdullahi assured.

The Wazirin Dambam while describing the emir of Misau as a father even before he became the emir, commended him for further uniting the people of the entire emirate council as a one family.

“We really appreciate how he has been piloting the affairs of Misau emirate, the emirate has witnessed significant changes and progress since he became the emir, we have witnessed a new dawn, new leadership style with direction which has brought a lot of positive changes and progress for us”, Dr. Abdullahi said.

Dr. Umar Abdullahi who called on the people of Dambam to continue to support the emirate with prayers and loyalty, appealed to them to continue to live peacefully with one another.

The Wazirin Dambam while commenting on the leadership style of Governor Bala Mohammed of Bauchi state, noted that the Governor has performed exceptionally.

“His Excellency, the executive Governor of our dear state, Senator Bala Mohammed is a leader per excellence, he is a leader who truly knew what governance is all about, he is qualified for position at any level of government no matter how high people think such position is, in fact, he is capable of becoming a world leader”, he said.

The Wazirin Dambam who commended the governor for executing developmental projects across nooks and crannies of the state, called on the people of Dambam and the entire state to continue to pray and support his administration towards bringing positive impact on their lives.

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