Badminton players woo people, says sporting helps one keep fit

By Mohammed Kaka Misau

Road safety badminton club Darazo and their counterpart, Gwani Muktar Badminton club Misau have called on people to participate in one form of sporting activities or the other, especially the game of badminton in order to improve their health conditions.

A member of the Darazo Federal Road Safety Corps (FRSC) badminton club Mr. Enang and the Chief Coach of Gwani Muktar Badminton club Misau, Mohammed Bappa Babayo made this known shortly after a friendly match in Misau, Misau local government area of Bauchi state on Saturday.

Speaking to our Corresspondent, Mr. Enang who is also the admin officer of Darazo unit command of the FRSC described the match as a very exciting one.

“We came here to play a friendly match, I want to say that we are very happy to meet Misau Badminton club, it has been a very wonderful game, we enjoyed ourselves”, he said.

Mr. Enang who expressed hope of having such friendly match from time to time in order to enhance their skill, said that they were in Misau to also make friends.

While describing sports generally as one of the unifying forces that people meet, socialize and then make friends, Enang emphasized that they have succeeded in doing so.

“We really enjoy the game. Since the club was formed, we have not gone out to meet other people to see how they play and today we We have seen that their style of play is very good and we have learned so much, their sparking and the way they organize themselves is something that we can use to enhance our own club”, he noted.

Enang who maintained that there are people who doesn’t know the importance of the game, pointed out that at above 50, many people considers him to be 50 due to participation in sporting activities.

“It is good for people of my age to all, come out and exercise to keep themselves fit. Many people don’t know that exercise can expel from their bodies, the diseases and sicknesses that are supposed to wear them down, most especially malaria.

Enang who maintained that, exercise is very good and that informed his decision to always keep fit, urged people, especially of his age bracket to get involved in badminton.

“People look at badminton as a very easy game but they don’t know that by the time you go to the game that’s when you will know that you exercise every part of your body and so it keeps one very very fit”, he explained.

“We are road safety personnel and many people think we don’t have time to exercise ourselves, they see us all time on the road trying to apprehend people, this time I want to say that the game is very interesting”, he further noted.

Mr. Enang who also used the medium to inform members of the public on the need to obey traffic rules and regulations, lamented that many are guilty of overloading.

“We have seen that people overloads their vehicles too much, they should desist from that. If you overload your vehicle you need extra compulsion to propel that vehicle which needs another energy to do that”, he said.

The FRSC personnel also cautioned the people against involving in over speeding, adding that it has been observed that 70 percent or 95 percent of deaths on roads is as a result of over speeding.

“So, people should desist from over speeding to enable them live longer for their family”, he advised.

On his part, the Chief Coach of Gwani Muktar Badminton club Misau, Mohammed Bappa Babayo said that the match was really a friendly one.

Popularly known as Bappa 90, the Chief Coach said badminton is a game of unity which helps in bringing people together, adding that the match was so exciting.

“Although we outplayed them so much but I believe this has help in making us to become friends in which we will in future visit them at their home for a return match in Sha Allah”, he said.

Babayo who expressed delight over the friendly match, said seeing how the game went on, they would have to prepare against next match in ensuring more performance.

“We have to re-strategize because we have other matches that we are going to play in a near future”, he said.

Babayo pointed out that sporting is one of the activities that improves the health of an individual, urged those who don’t engage in exercise to ensure that they participate in one game or the other in order to keep themselves healthy and fit.

According to him, by involving in one form of sporting activities or the other, one is helping in keeping his body relatively healthy.

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