Bauchi: Kirfi Flood Destroy Properties Worth Millions Of Naira

By Idris Shehu Zarge

Houses, farmlands, animals, and other properties worth millions of naira were destroyed in a devastating recent flood in Kirfi Local Government Area in Bauchi state.

Sympathizing with victims of the natural disaster in Kirfi Saturday, Governor Bala A. Mohammed said that the state government would undertake enumeration of houses, animals and other properties destroyed by the flood in Kirfi.

Governor Mohammed assured that the state government would soon send a proposal to the State House of Assembly seeking assistance to the affected persons to alleviate their sufferings.

“Definitely we are not going to rebuild everything, but what I will assure you as your own son and as a leader in Bauchi I will form a technical committee that would design and enumerates in terms of engineering so that we would proffer engineering solution to the perennial flood in Kirfi.”

The Governor while assessing the extent of damage caused by the flood in Kirfi, said that he has in the interim directed for the provision of two lorry trailers loads of rice and maize to be distributed to the flood victims

“And we are going to send blankets, clothes and other relief materials to you”, the governor told the angry looking victims of the Kirfi flood disaster.

“I know we cannot provide everything for you in this manner because I can see squeezing primary schools and residences, the losses are so much”, he observed.

The governor also assured the victims that as a government living in science and technology by planning, would institute a committee to enumerate all those who lost and what they lost in the disaster.

Bala reminded the people of Kirfi especially those building on the flood drain to avoid doing so as the plain or river would always find its course, as the government would also drainages and culverts so that it would not happen again.

He further assured the people that the state government would send their agony to President Muhammadu Buhari whom he described as People’s President, expressing optimism that he would listen to the complaint.

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