Dass, Bogoro, T/Balewa Progressives Debunks Kefas Virtuperations Against Dogara

By Khalid Idris Doya

Progressive minds from Dass, Tafawa Balewa and Bogoro have debunked as unfounded what describes as lies from the blues coming from Kefas Musa Magaji who is now nursing the pains of losing an election in the House of Representatives which, they argued, should not surprise any sensible person anywhere.

They said that it is unfortunate for a lawyer of Barrister Kefas Magaji’s status to state without any concrete evidence that Hon. Yakubu Dogara has built houses or bought houses overseas.

The progressives stated categorically that Hon. Yakubu Dogara is a pillar to them as he still enjoys the support and Goodwill of Zaar people, hence “His title of Jendim Zaar (the pillar) still remains and will continue to be our political leader and champion”.

The group at a press conference in Bauchi Wednesday led by Ya’u Yusuf Dass, said it is not surprising what they heard from Barr Kefas Musa Magaji yesterday in a press conference by the so called concerned Zaar and claimed ethnic groups of Tafawa Balewa and Bogoro Local Government Areas of Bauchi State.

Malam Yau Dass noted that the press conference addressed by Kefas Magaji was informed by the tears of Governor Bala after a series of failed media propaganda of what happened in his hometown, Duguri, saying “On that premise, no segment of our community and the state should take those monumental lies with a pinch of salt”.

Dass queries, “Where were they when Governor Bala Mohammed constructed thousands of housing units and refused to allocate a single unit to Tafawa Balewa and Bogoro Local Governments. Why didn’t they fight for Zaar Land to get even a single unit?

“Where was Kefas Magaji when Bala Mohammed was busy developing the Bununu area  while no single project was allocated to Tafawa Balewa town and Sang Gami land? Did he ever fight for any projects anywhere near Zaar land, and if he did, where are the projects? Let them name the projects”. 

“Ask them to tell Zaar people where Bala Mohammed got the billions he used to  build the biggest private residence in Nigeria in Bauchi at the time he failed and refused to pay workers salaries and pension since 2019”.

“What are the consequences of dishonouring a father in the scriptures and if it’s a curse why would any reasonable person especially someone who is either a Christian or Muslim be engaged in leading a campaign to enthrone a cursed person as a leader of our people”.

“Ask Kefas Magaji and Iliya Habika to tell zaar land what happened to our LGA funds under their watch as chairmen? Can they, in all honesty, render an account to our people. Are they not driven by fear of Rt Hon Dogara’s assertion that anyone who has stolen LGA funds or state funds would be made to face the music when Air Marshal Sadiq Abubakar becomes governor? Why are they lying to our people? 

Malam Ya’u Dass therefore called on Zaar people to ignore these characters whom, he said, are known serial liers and can do anything to defend the crumbs they pick from Kaura’s table against the larger Zaar interest which Kaura is busy raping. 

“They failed to defend zaar interest as highlighted above but they are busy defending Kaura’s many lies and deceit because they are Kaura’s co-grifters having given him unfettered access to our LGA funds and are now dead-scared of any change of government that will expose their crime against our people”, Ya’u concluded.

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