Dogara’s effort to crown himself as a political godfather in Bauchi, a failed ambition – former Aides

Samuel Luka, Bauchi

Aids of the former speaker, Nigerian House of Representatives, Yakubu Dogara have stated that the effort been made by their former principal to crown himself as the godfather in Bauchi politics is a failed ambition on arrival.

Speaking to some selected journalists in Bauchi yesterday, Babaji Ayuba Gobbiya said they were dissociating themselves from the antics of the former speaker in the political space of Bauchi state.

“We dissociate ourselves from the antics of Dogara Yakubu, and we want to categorically inform the citizens of Bauchi state that what Dogara is doing is nothing but an exhibition of frustration and failed ambition to be the God father of Bauchi state politics”, they said.

The former Aides while calling on the people of Bauchi state to come out en mass and vote for Bala Mohammed in March 18th, maintained that the tremendous successes recorded across the state by Bala should not be allowed to be derail by anyone.

Presenting the text titled, “the unrealistic sojourn of Rt. Hon Dogara Yakubu in establishing himself as a godfather in Bauchi state politics”, Babaji said the former speaker who only visited the state three times in four years since 2019 is not in the picture of the laudable developmental projects and Programmes executed by the Governor Bala Mohammed led administration.

According to them, their reaction followed the recent happenings and antecedents that clouded politics in Bauchi state that has generated some barrages of reactions and counter reactions on recent accusations raised by the former speaker on Governor Bala Mohammed.

While describing the Ex-speaker as a lost but found son of Bauchi state, the aides declared all the allegations raised against the Governor by their ex-principal null and void.

“They are nothing more than fanning a campaign of hate, division and unfounded propaganda. In case Rt. Hon. Dogara Yakubu is not aware, let us bring it as a reminder that the road him and his APC cohorts followed through Burga , Kundak to Duguri, is one major project of Kaura which we believe they had smooth and enjoyable transit to Duguri”, Babaji said.

The former Aides pointed out that within the shortest period of time, Bala Mohammed succeeded in constructing so many roads, building and renovating of schools, renovation 20 local government Secretariat complexes, hospitals as well as the ongoing construction of the ultra modern Government House, among others.

“To be specific, Bogoro alone has 3 major roads right now going on, which is more than the single road brought by Dogara from Bogoro to Mbat byu. Therefore, quantifying the roads constructed by kaura alone is more than the single road he kept boasting about in 4 years reign as a speaker”, they said.

Babaji advised the former speaker to concerntrate on making a better and acceptable propaganda than joining issues with the private life of the Governor.

“On the deposed Wazirin Bauchi, Baba Bello Kirfi, It’s unfortunate that RT Hon Dogara has no true knowledge of things and if he is really aware, we expected him to appreciate the effort of his Excellency in reinstating Baba Waziri , whose attitude refused to change from the reason he was earlier disposed by the former Governor M.A Abubakar”, they noted.

They opined that the deposed Wazirin Bauchi is expected as an elder statesman to be more concerned in uniting the citizens Bauchi state rather than dividing them.

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