I’ll declare state of emergency on education, empower women, youth if I become Misau LG Chairman – Hon Bello

Mohammed Kaka Misau

A stalwart of the People’s Democratic Party (PDP) in Misau local government area of Bauchi, Hon. Sulaiman Mohammed Bello has promised to revive the education sector by declaring a state of emergency on education if he eventually contested and win election as executive Chairman.

Hon. Sulaiman Mohammed Bello who is also the Raya Karkaran Misau stated this in an exclusive interview with our Corresspondent yesterday

The PDP stalwart who said he has toured Communities of Misau LG to meet with Stakeholders, promised to empower women and youth to become self reliant if he is given the opportunity to rule Misau as local government Chairman.

According to him, the purpose of the tour was meant to familiarize himself with the Stakeholders of the PDP in his local government Misau and to inform them about the mission of his team.

The Raya Karkaran Misau who explained that the team which is touring the two districts in the local government under the umbrella of Dan-Bello organization was also targeted at soliciting the support of the Stakeholders the team met as well as congratulate them for having a speaker from Misau, Hon Babayo Ahmed, the Wambai of Akuyam.

“We thank God for emergence of Hon. Babayo Ahmed as speaker of the Bauchi state house of assembly. This is a thing of joy and happiness to the people of Misau and the entire Misau emirate in particular”, the PDP chieftain said.

While stressing that he has been praying for Governor Bala Mohammed to succeed in courts in his case challenging his election victory, Raya Karkaran Misau appreciated God for answering his prayers and that of the entire people of Bauchi state which granted victory to the Governor in both the Tribunal and the Appeal court.

“You know we are in court, after the election we were taken to election Tribunal where we won and then they took their case to the court of appeal and we also won there and they decided as a right to go to supreme court which is the final arbiter for any judgement in this kind of case, so I went there with his Excellency in solidarity, to show him that I am with him and we have been praying for him so that at the end of the day he will emerged victorious”, Hon Bello said.

Bello who said that the tour has given him the opportunity to interact with Stakeholders, added that given the forthcoming local government election, some individuals and groups have started calling on him to contest for the post of Chairman in Misau.

He said as the PDP heads for Congresses in January towards February to elect party leaders, the Stakeholders need to look inward and bring new generation of leaders, young people with new ideas in order to shape the party such that it can move forward.

“We solicited for their prayers, guidance throughout the electioneering process of our party. I reminded them that the Governor of Bauchi has pledged to conduct local government election and everybody knows that the governor is the man of his words”, Bello noted.

Bello said if the Local Government Leadership in Misau local government area shifted from Hardawa District to Chiroma District, he is going to contest for the post of Local Government Chairman any time election is declared.

He however noted that should Hardawa District retained the party chairmanship post, he will support any contestant for the post of local government chairman.

“It’s not a matter of do or die, it’s a matter of principle and it’s just a matter of what you have for the people, so that’s the essence of my tour”, he said.

Commenting on the growing agitation by some people to make him declare his intention to contest for LG chairman, Raya Karkaran Misau said he will wait until the electoral body commenced preparation for the conduct of the election.

“Also, I have to wait for my party to bring our guidelines on how it will approach the election. So when the party’s EXCO are formed they will obviously roll out the program of event that will herald the election. When that is done I will Publicly make my intention known”, he said.

Bello said there are a lot of programmes he has in stock for the people of Misau should he have the opportunity to become the local government chairman.

Bello who said, security is top in his five point agenda, reiterated that once the citizens are secured, everything will work well.

While also stating that the rate of unemployment is high in Misau local government, Bello pledged to if elected the LG chairman, he will ensure that youth are trained in various skills to fend for themselves instead of waiting for a white collar job.

“It is the right time for us to look inward, let us embrace entrepreneurship so that our youth can be trained in various skills to enable them become self reliant”, Bello further pointed out.

“Our people need to know that nowadays certificate don’t give jobs but skill brings job. So I have that in my mind and I am going to establish two skills acquisition centers in two districts of Misau to train our people in different skills acquisition”, he further promised.

According to him, he will ensure that women in Misau local government area are empowered with various empowerment packages to make them economically viable.

“You know if you empower women you are empowering the entire society. Give a woman 10,000 today it will multiply to 50,000 three months after but if you give a man 10,000 today, come back tomorrow and be asking for another money”, he said.

“I will revive the women skills acquisition center in Fawari which has been dying there without being utilized. By God’s grace I will revive that center so that we will train our women, our daughters and our sisters so that they will be self reliant”, the PDP stalwart pledged.

According to him, if elected as Misau local government chairman, he will ensure Urban and rural renewal to open the villages.

“That was why I was given the title of Raya Karkaran Misau, I am going to revive our rural areas, so that the people from the villages can bring their farm produce to the town with ease”, he said.

Bello who observed that it has been always been difficult for rural farmers to bring their goods to the urban centers due to lack of accessible roads, noted that it is very difficult for somebody to cultivate rice in Gaina and bring it through Ajili.

“It is very difficult during rainy season. I just attended a marriage ceremony in Kafin Sule, I was discussing with someone, I said what does it take the local government to open that road from the main Tashan Tsamiya to Kafin Sule, how much are you going to hire a grader, grader can be hired at the cost of maybe two to three hundred thousand Naira for a month, you will buy the fuel and if grader will work on that road for only two weeks, it will open that place and people will be happy to be bringing their farm produce to the other sides”, he reasoned.

Bello who hinted of his plan to do rural reawakening and rural expansion, further said he will reposition the operations of the cattle market in Misau for more viability.

“I am going to look at our cattle market because the idea of establishing it in Musau was to reflect what is happening in Potiskum, Giade, Azare and Soro but it is a shame today if you go to the cattle market in Misau, you hardly see 50 cows, so I have to look at that”, he said.

The PDP stalwart said he will also collaborate with rice growers to establish rice pyramid for the first time in the history of Misau local government.

He called on the authorities in Misau to revamp the education sector, promising to declare a state of emergency on education if he is elected chairman of Misau.

Bello who also called for urgent intervention in the education sector in Misau been a very key to any sustainable development, said God will never forgive them having benefitted from free education when they were young but the sector is in shambles now that they are leaders.

“When we were in primary school we received free education and we are today the leaders and the education sector is in shambles, it is disheartening because if you look at the critical aspect, the learning atmosphere in our primary and secondary school is nothing to write home, we should stand up and do the right thing, we should come up with ideas”,:he said.

Bello assured that if elected as chairman, he will call for school management committee in all the schools in Misau LG to round table discussion to address the issues affecting the growth of education in the area.

“In fact I will declare state of emergency on education so that everybody will be involve on how we are going to get it right”, he concluded.

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