“… a power behind many exalted thrones whose silent, soundness and loud less philanthropic gesture is legendary.”

By Shariff Aminu Ahlan

If flamboyant appearance, egocentric attitude, madness display of wealth, huge convoy of exotic cars, large gatherings of aide and favour seekers, high-handedness and elegance are the criteria one use to determine and pinpoint a powerful and influential personality, then no one would turn his eyes to this youthful and humble personality called Dr Bala Godiya. 

The onlooker won’t know or even considered him worthy of been one of his subject. But that would surely be your albatross, because the same individual you by passed won qualify for your scrutiny based on the crateries mentioned above. 

But you would be missing out one of the powerful and influential personality. Same humble, easygoing, extraordinary philanthropist, nationally recognized power broker, intellectually endowed, excessively educated, successful business magnet, exceptional politician full of political acumen and mastery of the game that is simple-minded with heart of gold, then  Dr. Bala is among the rare species.

His looks would naturally and innocently decisive you, his simple demeanor would disarm you, his simple minded nature would amuse you, his moderate outfits would misleads you, his intellectually faculty would terrified you, his story would lift you up your feet, his high placed contacts and acquaintances would leave you with mouth agape, his simple and non committed to flamboyant live would marvel you, his humanitarian actives may distort little of your senses while his exceptional and extraordinary intellectual faculty and mastery of his calling would leave you speechless and engrossed in curiosity trying to figure out who on earth is this sensational human specie? That is Dr. Bala Godiya, an indigent of the ancient city of Kano, Tudun Wada local government to be precise.

There is no gainsaying the fact that Democracy was globally recognized as one of the best and most effective human oriented invention that made life easy and hugely secured. Its gives unhindered and valuable opportunity to humanity by providing power and authority to the people to vote and decide whom they would trust with their collective and destiny. 

Government of the people and by the people as it’s been defined. Freedom and right to have control over themselves through picking the best amongst them to be on the throne of power and authority. That the beauty of democracy.

But one can say unequivocally with iota of doubt and fear dispute, that democracy and it’s process has always been subjected to crook bastardization, abject misuse, poor implementation, wrong interpretation and a massive and constitutionally binded tool for embezzlement of pubic treasure and dictorial tendency especially in the third world countries or to put it on a proper way, underdeveloped nation. And ironically our dear nation is one of such countries.

Almost eighty percent of our public office holders and the desperated aspiring ones are simply into the game to find an easy route to an access to the people’s abundance wealth to loot and transformed their life style. 

That game is full of deception, failed promises, visible and diehard desperados, heartless evil plots, breezing waste of money,   attack and counterattack, dubious means of execution, selfish zeal, blind misinformation, thugs sponsorship and many other atrocities. 

Their goal, target and plan is simply to enrich themselves and be powerful enough to determine people’s destiny. The voters feelings, demands or grief has nothing to do with them and continue wallowing in ill-gotten wealth and living the life of splendor and flamboyancy all at the detriment of the poor and malnourished voters. Pity,!

But suffice to say that there are indeed some tiny few people who are in the game with sole purpose of getting power and use it for the betterment of their people. Commendable few whose major driven force is to create a legacy that would forever be cherish, commended, remember with awe and admiration. People with unquenchable hunger, genuine zeal and determination to create a better society that would be a reference point and object of emulation. And the said Dr belonged to such elite group of trusted personality.

His nickname of (Godiya) literary means “Thank You” was coined and symbolized him to him because anyone that visited his domain won’t leave scot free. A gift of all kinds can be given to him and to show appreciation, the reciever show by saying “Thank You ‘ and that how the nicknamed originated and stick to him up to date.

The Guru from Tudun wada can easily and justifiably be described as one of the powerful and influential politician who belongs to the Caucus that decide who gets whats in the political arena of the entire zone and beyond. 

But one admiring and enigmatic nature of this youthful and powerful politician is his refusal to seek for any political office despites the fact that he can use his network of loyalist and huge number of people that would surely vote him as a reciprocal of his endless humanitarian gestures to them and their entire community.

Beating him would surely be an a insomniac and suicidal task. For the man has established an irrevocable bond with his people. Giving out palliatives and given succor to the downtrodden is his major preoccupation. 

For an individual who never occupy public office or work for it’s agency, his unprecedented gestures to his people which is unquantifiable and beyond a simple calculation and comprehension of a curious soul. Known to have built hundreds of Islamiya Schools, mosque,  renovation of schools and constructing several projects out of his hard-earned fortune at his own volition.

The man enjoyed operating from the back side away from public frying eyes which made him a strong pillar behind several elected officials. A powerful power broker who is known by his people and the powerful political elites. A strong APC member who naturally admired and foresee a better Kano under the gentle and visionary Dr. Nasiru Gawuna and his fearless warrior with heart of gold Hon. Murtala Sule Garo.

I happened to be an eye witness where he spent millions for Gawuna Garo Campaign and during current recent wrangling in court by the two powerful gladiators. His contributions toward our recent prayer Session organized  by my organization is huge and above anyone else. And the man insisted that he doesn’t wants the duo to know because he is simply doing it base on principles and faith in their capabilities. What a man!

I advised the people of Tudunwada and the entire zone to go on their knees, plead, beg, cajole, convince, pray and even coarse the extraordinary Dr to vie for political office. 

The zone needs him and every developmentally oriented personalities who crave to have his kind in public office so as to witness selfless service, development activities, capable and perfect representative who can dare any gathering and speak his mind irrespective of the status or caliber of personalities there present. 

To ensure an unprecedented developmental activities that would make the area a reference point and an object of emulation…

Shariff Aminu Ahlan

3G(Ganduje Gawuna Garo) Intellectual warrior 08034533858

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