By Amb. Saifullahi Yusha’u

In any democratic dispensation, political party leaders are important actors that bring well-deserving candidates to limelight, they serve as the bridge which link both side (electorates and the candidates) and indeed display the manifestos of such personality thereby making him or her popular which at last result to victory. The party leaders before and after elections always work like a mother who could not sleep in solace until its baby sleeps, meaning that they rest not till people they publicly advertised execute projects that touch lives in many positive ways.

Youths are the most important group in every society, they are the strength that geared speedy developments to their different domains but yet youths are not getting the things they deserved because leaders that represented in were habitually lazy that lacked foresights. Dr. Aliyu Ibrahim Yakub is here to redeem the lost glory of such wonderful group of people. As we all know, All Progressive Congress was built on truth, trust and impactful projects likewise its leaders who are famous in reminding all elected officials about their campaign promises.

Youth leaders’ position in the APC therefore require nothing less than the selfless services, visionary leadership of Dr. Aliyu who was politically coached by people of true integrities. Aliyu who hails from Kano State has been a leader who started from the cradle that was privileged to create avenue to his fellow youths and brought countless number of other from the shackles of poverty and unemployment. When we talk about the people that unarguably bring equal distribution of anything regarding the wellbeing of youths or opportunities in actualizing their dreams, I have no iota of doubt that Dr. Aliyu Ibrahim Yakub would be the first in the list.

When a personality like him is contesting and was just silent; thousands of people that benefitted from him and his works would speak loud to the people about him. If we are to put square shape in a square hole it means a person with a wide experience should be put forward to lead youths to a brighter future under the platform of APC; Dr. Aliyu is the man who fits the cap. It is a known fact that before reaching the apex, encountering challenges is inevitable; All Progressive Congress too is on that verge and hopefully all will come to pass. But it is important to note that good party official are key towards its emerging victorious during elections.

North-West in Nigeria for years has been on the brink of so many contingencies especially that of insecurity which has affected most of its States, given a chance to youths would do everything humanly possible and influence politically elected officials bring back the endearing peace in the whole region. President Muhammadu Buhari in 2019 signed a law on ‘Not Too Young to Rule’ which was aimed at bridging the gap of youths in political positions and agreed to contest any position they like in-so-far they have the necessary requirements. One of the reasons for the zone’s slow development for years was that youths are not given the mandate to oversee positions that belong to them.

The opportunity given to youths would never be in vain as youths in recent years sought for political offices they felt afraid to in the past. Foresighted Dr. Aliyu would let many like him who have the zeal to make things right for the betterment of all irrespective of religious, tribal and racial differences. He would encourage patriotic youths that are still dodging politics, he would use his experiences and leadership skills to pave way for them to feel at ease and help humanity too. Dr. Aliyu Ibrahim has been there and has all it takes to change the bad impressions people had about Nigerian youths. The foresighted Aliyu is a young lad who never encourage do or die politics but preaches gospel of peace. Lastly, Dr. Aliyu Ibrahim Yakub is behaviorically kind, politically equipped and philanthropist who always offers a helping hand to those in need; he has done a lots before and he will do more if given a chance.

Amb. Saifullahi Yusha’u Muhammad, Nat’l Chairman Youth Peace Ambassadors Initiatives.

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