.By Amb. Saifullahi Yusha’u

The only way to correct the mistakes of past leaders and impact too on many in a democratic settings is to engage into politics or choose good candidates that would do so; one would be part and parcel of the rewards of their good works. After the return of Nigeria into democratic system of government, several political parties were established and after that the main work of such parties after the establishment are often left in the hands of party officials; they are like engineers that repair every engine (politicians) and make it work effectively (projects that helps humanity). Comrade Abdulwahab Diyar is a person of integrity who has been in politics for long, he is young and educational, energetic and experienced above all he is hardworking who never put laxity in task given to him.

Youth leader for any political party is saddled with the responsibilities of orienting youths in all corners of the country to vote for the party’s candidates contesting different positions. Furthermore, what is not known to many is that youth leaders build synergy and mutual understandings between the party and the electorates; Comrade Diyar knows people and people knows him as man of his words. North-Eastern part of the country is like a home to All Progressive Congress (APC) because pioneers the worked assiduously for merger of other parties which gave birth to APC were from the region, been there for decades and worked with many has equipped Comrade Diyar to unarguably fit to serve APC’s youth leader.

Similarly, in most developed countries, there is no age limit for people to contest because electorates there always vote candidates based on their past stewardships and merrily Nigerians are gradually reaching there looking at the people voted during 2019 general elections. For the success of APC in the North-Eastern zone which was bedeviled by insurgency, there is need for the party to give more chances for youths to seek positions but first there is paramount need allow Comrade Diyar to work as youth leader has been making rightful choices in situations where youths are in dilemma. Growing up in one of the States where bomb blast rocked on several occasions in the past make Comrade Diyar suitable to lead fellow youths of APC in North East; because he would never let black history repeat itself.

Many have come and gone only few are remembered, they are in the hearts of many just due to services they have offered that ameliorated the sufferings of the masses; Comrade Diyar too amongst his missions there is youth empowerment because when they are empowered they would not have time to cause chaos. Similar to that, when Comrade Abdulwahab is given a chance to oversee APC’s youth office, he stated that all candidates contesting must make promises and sign; after emerging victorious he alongside other party officials would be going after them to make sure they fulfil those promises. Comrade Abdulwahab is not rich nor from rich background but has been helping those with zeal to acquire skills, capital to house-wives to rely on themselves through businesses and sick ones in paying bills.

Now that he is contesting, uncountable number of people he impacted on their lives would be coming out to tell the world who the person Comrade Diyar is; chosen him as APC youth leader is like putting square shape in a square hole because he deserve the office in all areas. Comrade would use his vast experiences when given a chance and would redeem the lost glories of APC youths, policies forwarded to the party which are not in favour of the masses would never have his approval because he prefer to lose all he has than people lost a dime. All Progressive Congress (APC) will be great again and youths’ engagement into politics would be increased only if Comrade Abdulwahab Diyar is a youth leader and he is from Yobe state.

Amb. Saifullahi Yusha’u Muhammad, Nat’l Chairman Youth Peace Ambassadors Initiatives.

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