“…His growing popularity among his people is freighting and a good omen to our aspirin need of good leadership.”

By Shariff Aminu Ahlan

Any curious mind that is searching for an extraordinary human specie who is an embodiment of loyalty, principle, dedication, patient, contentment, self preservation, dignity, humble, generous, philanthropy Intellectual endowment, decency, mastery of the game of politics even though not an active participant, astronomical fellowships, superb political acumen, undiluted loyalty, simplicity, strong-minded, respectable aura, tireless spirit, workhouse, and akin to a vulture that await for it’s chance no matter how long it would take, then with Dr. Bala Ahmed, one need not to look further.

Despites it’s shortcomings, shenanigans, intrigues, manipulators, deception, evil machination, unpredictable nature and many other vices, politics still remains the only alternative and the only legitimate means of gaining power and authority to be in a vital position to determine the fate of electorate who entrusted their collective wealth and destiny at the disposal of those privileged to be occupying the throne of power. As such many people venture into the game with different mindset depending on their personal desire, wish and aspiration.

Some are simply there to grab an opportunity to siphon people’s collective wealth by embezzling and looting treasury with sole purpose of enriching themselves and their cronies at the detriment of the voting populace. They misused the golden opportunity to serve and get engrossed in indecent and misguided looting spree to amass ill-gotten wealth and accumulated properties and undeserved luxurious life style not minding the fact that people lined up and wasted their precious time to ensure they represented them with clear sense of purpose and enjoy dividend of democracy. But there also abound few and decent individuals who are into politics with sole purpose of getting an opportunity to serve the populace with inner zeal, determination and unquenchable hunger to better the life of the voting populace through efficient and effective display of honesty of purpose by bringing developmental projects and ensure delivery of dividend of democracy through creating legacy that would forever be remember with awe and admiration. They are guided by tireless spirit and selflessly worked for the betterment of their people.

Any society that dreams and crave for people oriented development which the practice of democracy offered and provided opportunity for, should always crave and yearn of such kind of genuine and honesty driven personalities to occupy the throne of leadership and power for the betterment of the electorate. As such, it indeed imperative that in some cases, individual who demonstrated such unique qualities and flair should be fish out and plead, beg or force to pull out and offer themselves to serve the populace by joining politics and seek political office. And can unequivocally said here and now with fear of contradiction or challenge that Dr. Bala Ahmed is one of such rare human species that ought to come out and via for political office for the sake of the people of his constituency of Tudun Wada and Doguwa, his state of Kano and the Nation in general.

A business guru and silent philanthropist who always loved to give out without making noise or attracting attention to his endless humanitarian gestures. He has becomes one of the shining few that stand out of the crowd and in the process distinguished himself by dolling out his hard-earned and legitimate wealth to the downtrodden, easing their pain and anguish by giving succor to the needly scattered across the state and beyond, admiringly not restricted to the people of his constituency.

As such the need and demand of such unique personality to be openly active in politics by seeking political office is indeed imperative. One can view and interpret his hidden and out of reach political participation as an act of pulling strings from behind, propelling and oiling the expenditure of good politician seeking elective position with genuine purpose of seeing the populace benefits from act of good leadership. A good gestures no doubt, but the need to step forward and do it by themselves is becoming a necessity that ought to be satisfy for the overall benefits of our teeming populace. Dr Bala should accept and embrace the reality that the society is at present in deer need of his kind to come out and embark on rescue mission in order to right the wrong and do the needful as our present political dispensation demand a change of equations for the betterment of our present generations and generations yet unborn.

One of the very few who wallow in pleasure and inner satisfaction when giving out for the betterment of the society, Dr. Bala Ahmed is credited to have renovated many schools both western and Islamic schools,, provision of boreholes, renovation of hospitals, provision of medical equipments, providing scholarships, empowering youth and women and many other gestures too numerous to mention in Tudunwada and it’s surrounding.
Coming out in mass to have adopt Dr Bala courageous and emulative policy of giving back to the society especially at this critical period, would surely bring unmeasurable happiness, satisfaction and sense of belonging by the traumatized citizen.

No wonder the people of his constituency are always yearning, praying and cajoling the kindhearted personality to seek for public office in the political arena. Thought the iconic personality seem to have prepared to remain in his safe abode of dolling out his hard-earned fortune, rather divulging in unpredictable game of power. But their voices continues echoing and everyone that yearn for betterment of the present generations and generations yet unborn should join the pry and fish out such type of youthful and visionaries young achievers to seek for elective position if our dream of brighter and more prosperous society is anything to goes by.

Moreover, Dr. Bala Ahmed is at home with all the nation powerful politicians, religious, business and traditional leaders.

The entire people of our ancient Northern part of the country are immensely and eternally blessed to have such unique, humble, generous, extraordinary philanthropist, business mogul with heart of gold, Intellectually endowed, effective master of the game, Internationally connected and influential, excessively educated, simple-minded with extraordinary gifted brain and superb Intellectual faculty. We all should mark and notice him as one of our bright future leaders that would wholeheartedly restore our dignity and bring back our lost glory

And his bond with his people is iron melted and irrevocable. Known to be a cheerful giver and extraordinary philanthropist, the intellectually endowed personality and business guru with midas touch, the man is authentically reported to be a caring personality who doesn’t wear an egocentric turban of high placed personality. Poor and less privileged are his favourite and freely interact with them. Alleviating people’s suffering is his biggest hobby and you can’t miss the radiant smile that genuinely reflects his inner happiness when ever he brought succor to the an individual or group.

The people of his constituency needs him and the state and nation craved for him. Is indeed a time to change the equation and the extraordinarily blessed and intellectually endowed personality should take note of the naked reality that a golden fish has indeed no hidden place.

Shariff Aminu Ahlan is a Lecturer at Sa’adatu Rimi University Kumbotsho Kano.

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