Dr. Ibrahim Danjuma Esq. Unveils Manifesto, wants Bauchi NBA to Elect Him Chairman

Mohammed Kaka Misau

As the election into various positions of the Bauchi state Chapter of the Nigerian Bar Association (NBA) approaches, Dr. Ibrahim Danjuma Esq. has unveiled his manifesto to members of the association as he is contesting to be the Chairman.

The manifesto which was made available to Baushe Daily Times, indicated that Dr. Danjuma is a Lawyer, Law Lecturer, Researcher and an Author.

“I humbly present my manifesto as I seek to be
elected as the Chairman of the Nigerian Bar Association (NBA), Bauchi
Branch”, he said in the manifesto.

Dr. Danjuma who was Born in Bauchi
town and grew up in Darazo obtained his First School Leaving Certificate from Ajiyari Primary School Darazo. He later proceeded to F.G.C
Kiyawa in Jigawa State to obtain his Senior Secondary School Certificate.

“Currently, I hold a Bachelor of Laws Degree from University of Maiduguri
and Barrister at Law (BL) from the Nigerian Law School Abuja which
qualifies me to practice as a Barrister and Solicitor of the Supreme Court of
Nigeria”, he said.

According to Dr. Danjuma, he attended University of Malaya, Malaysia and the
National University of Malaysia (UKM) where he obtained his LLM and PhD in

“Currently, I work with the Bauchi State Government as a Lecturer at Bauchi
State University, Gadau (BASUG) teaching courses like Criminal Law &
Procedure, Public International Law, Nigerian Legal System, Alternative
Dispute Resolution, Civil litigation and Constitutional Law”, he said.

At BASUG, Dr. Danjuma said, he holds the position of Deputy Dean of Faculty of Law,
Deputy Director, Centre of Excellence for Research and Innovation, BASUG,
and Chairman, Senate Committee on Examination Misconduct and Medical
Cases, among others.

The Legal Luminary who has a strong passion for social work and community development was appointed the Legal Adviser of Green Foundation
Darazo and Savannah Institute for Sustainable Development (SISdev), an
organization aimed at fostering sustainable development of communities
in Darazo and Bauchi State.

Dr. Danjuma chairs the Governing Board of Green High School Darazo, a position that allows him play a vital role in shaping the school’s vision, policies, and
educational programs.

“This leadership position presents an opportunity for me to foster an environment that promotes quality education, student growth, and community engagement”, he explained.

“I started my Legal Practice with D. M. Abejeme & Partners (Formally known as A.H. Sulaiman & Co.) of Wunti-Makera Street, Bauchi from 2011-2015
before establishing Al- Yusra Chambers with Head Office in Bauchi and
Branch office at Misau”, Dr. Danjuma said.

The Lawyer who is currently serving the NBA Bauchi Branch as
Vice Chairman and Chairman of the Human Rights Committee of the Bar, said the collective responsibilities have given him a chance to demonstrate his commitment to the advancement of the Legal Profession, protection of
Human Rights and team work with fellow Lawyers at the Bar.

“I have authored not less than 25 academic articles, books and
papers all of which were presented at National and International
Conferences or published in reputable journals including the Sriwijaya Law
Review, Indonesia (Scopus), BASUG Law Review, Umaru Musa Yar’adua
University Law Journal, Commonwealth Law Bulletin (Scopus), Scholarly, Research Journal for Interdisciplinary Studies International Journal of Asian
Social Science among others”, he said.

In his manifesto, with the hashtag: #Vote for Sustainable and Compassionate Bar#, Dr. Danjuma assured that with the aforementioned strong academic background and extensive experience in legal
practice, academia, and leadership roles within the Bar, he believes he posseses
the necessary qualities to lead the NBA in Bauchi state to new heights.

According to him, his vision for the NBA Bauchi Branch is anchored on the principles of
empathy, fairness, inclusivity, integrity, excellence, and a genuine concern for the welfare of the members.

He promised to, if elected, prioritize the continuation of the NBA Centre project and ensure the welfare of Lawyers.

He also pledged to create Schemes for Empowerment of members such as Multipurpose Society with
the prime objective of providing efficient services to the members in order
to improve their economic and social well-being.

Other areas of priority according to Dr. Danjuma include, an improvement in the financial capacity of the association in the state.

“I will strive hard to ensure that the Branch maximizes
her resources and cut waste. We will encourage members and put in place
mechanisms to encourage payment of branch dues. We will make our
social activities open to sponsorship so as to incur little or no cost on the
Branch while generating funds”, he said.

“If given the mandate, we will adopt alternative strategies for improving
Internally Generated Revenue (IGR) of the Branch. We will venture into
Transportation Business; provide a Classic Restaurant for the Members of
�the bar, the society”, he further said.

Dr. Danjuma said if elected as Chairman, he will ensure capacity building for members by organizing conferences, seminars, symposiums, lectures and
trainings for Lawyers on various aspects of the law and modern trends.

will partner with the Institute of Continuing Legal Education to organize
programs on Cyber related activities and technologies, Intellectual
Property, Companies and Allied Matters, Trademarks and Patents amongst
others”, he pledged.

Dr. Danjuma who said he is also mindful of basic domestic needs, pledged to engage
entrepreneurs to train members in various skills cutting across soap
making, baking and dish making in order to ameliorate certain expenses.

He said for young Lawyers, if given the mandate, the Bar will collaborate with Principals and Head of Chambers for upward
review of salaries or stipends payable to young lawyers especially with the
rising cost of living.

“At the Bar level, we will encourage Chambers operating without young
lawyers to consider engaging young lawyers to ease their work and to
serve as job creation.
In the same vein, we will engage the State House of Assembly to come up
with a Law that will assist the Bar in enforcing the scale of fees through the
State”, Dr. Danjuma said.

“If given the mandate, we will create a Website for the Branch where
members can get vital information regarding the activities of the Branch
and National Headquarters; file a complaint or petition online and we will
liaise with National Headquarters to see how Members can submit
�application for stamp seal online among others”, he further promised.

The Vice Chairman promised to, when voted as Chairman of the association, ensure that members effectively utilize the Secretariat for various Meetings, Seminars,
Lectures and other activities of the Branch.

“The Secretariat will be functional and all seal applications, collection and inquiries will be carried out at the Secretariat”, he said.

He further explained that if voted, his team will deploy resources to make the Secretariat a
resource center for members.

“We will ensure the Secretariat is accessible
to members at all working days and hours”, Dr. Danjuma vowed.

“To achieve this, we will employ
non-lawyers to administer the Secretariat as well as
collaborate with the NYSC for Corps members to be assigned to the
Secretariat to aid the administration of the Secretariat”, he added.

He said that the Bar under him will analyze the current Laws of Bauchi State and advocate for the
repeal of Laws that are obsolete with the aim of enhancing justice delivery
and efficiency as well to be at pace with the current state of affairs and
best practices.

“We will have a robust engagement with one of the Standing Committees of the Branch that is the Law Reform Committee to achieve
this objective through consistent liaison with both Executive and
Legislative arms”, the Lawyer maintained.

He said he intends to if voted as Chairman of the association, create an avenue for periodical
interaction between the Members of the Bar and the Bench in order to
address and harmonize our working relationship.

“We will seek the Bench’s
approval for their Registrars to communicate to the Bar through the Publicity Secretary of any day the Court will not sit so as to enable Lawyers
pursue other engagements in the earliest possible time”, Dr. Danjuma pointed out.

“Recently, we have observed with dismay the lackadaisical attitude of
litigants in approaching the Court. This we have gathered is as a result of
incessant delays in hearing of cases most of which arises out of fatigue on
the Judges due to number of cases that are piled up in their courts”, Dr. Danjuma said.

According to him, With
the creation of more courts, it will decongest the courts and pave way for
timely hearing of cases.

“In order to achieve this, we will collaborate with the leadership of the
Judiciary in the State as well as major stakeholders in the State to have
more Upper Sharia Courts in the State or more particularly in Bauchi
Metropolis”, he assured.

He said if elected as chairman of the Bauchi NBA, his team will improve on the existing relationship established by
the past leadership with a view to broaden the scope for the benefit of all.

“We will engage the Law Enforcement Agencies against the increasing
complaint of Lawyers being harassed by officers and men of the Agencies for a more cordial working relationship in fostering justice”, he further promised.

He added that the Bar in Bauchi cannot run in isolation with the National body and as such, his team will ensure that the Branch is made aware of every activity
of the National Body as well as being represented where necessary.

While pledging to subsidize members’ cost of attending national
programs such as Conferences and Seminars subject to active
participation in Branch activities and payment of relevant dues, Dr. Danjuma assured to bring to an end the era of misinformation.

“Members of the Bar will be the first contact in policy
making and implementation. Activities of the Bar shall be communicated to members in good time to enable adequate preparation
and active participation through the constitution of the
Branch Executive Committee comprising of Elected Officers of the Branch;
Immediate Past Chairman and Secretary; as well as Five co-opted
members including the Chairman of Young Lawyers as enshrined under
Section 8 of the NBA Uniform Bye-Laws for the Branches”, he said.

He pledged to if elected, install suggestion boxes in strategic locations of the association’s Divisions
and Districts so as to receive feedback on the way and manner the Bar is
being run for possible adjustment(s) and better service delivery.

“In conclusion, my manifesto for the Chairmanship of the Nigerian Bar Association, Bauchi Branch is centered around progress, inclusivity, and
the advancement of the legal profession in our community”, Dr. Danjuma Esq said.

He expressed confidence that his would be Executive Council will outline a comprehensive agenda that reflects their vision for the development and improvement of the Nigerian Bar Association, Bauchi Branch.

He solicited for the support of the members through their votes to enable him actualize his vision for the association.

“Together, let us forge a brighter future for the Nigerian Bar Association,
Bauchi Branch. With your support, I am confident that we can achieve our
goals and uphold the highest standards of professionalism, justice, and
service to the community”, he concluded.

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