El-Habib Company showcases affordable, durable and variety of plumbing materials

By Mohammed Kaka Misau

There are strong indications that people building houses need not to be worried, as affordable, durable and variety of plumbing materials are now available for grab at the El-Habib Plumbing Materials and Services, situated in Azare, Katagum local government area of Bauchi state.

Speaking to our Corresspondent in an interview on Thursday, the Managing Director of the Azare branch of the company, Habibu Alhassan said they are located at Ali Kwara street opposite Hamdala Clinic.

With the company on ground, the MD said people are relieved of the burden of going to far places like Kano to buy plumbing materials in terms of cost of transportation, stress, risks and affordability.

“We are distributors and our prices are the lowest when compared with others. I want to call on the people of Azare and even neighboring states to come and patronize us, our products are affordable, qualitative durable and within the reach of everybody”, he said.

“We deal in the sells of plumbing materials for modern housing and even the traditional housing. We have materials for even pit latrine such that guarantees proper hygiene, we have the the toiletry materials that can be used to fix pit latrine that can prevent cockroaches from gaining access as well as toilet infection”, he said.

The company according to Alhassan, sells all sorts of toilet materials such as the seater, squatter, Summour, water pump as well as hand pump, Solar pump, which are sold at more affordable price in both retail and wholesale.

The Managing Director said that the aim of establishing the business was to bring development to Katagum local government area and to also create opportunity for people to get the materials at a more affordable price and within their reach anytime they want.

“Apart from selling the materials, we also have workers such that if you want their services, they are available, they will work for you in an affordable price and with quality. We want to call on our people in towns and villages to take the advantage and get quality and affordable products from us, we are here to serve them better”, Habibu Alhassan said.

The Managing Director while calling on the youths to be self reliant rather than always relying on white collar job from the government, admitted that it is not wrong to go to school and acquire knowledge.

“Education will even help someone with the knowledge of establishing his own business no matter how small it is. After acquiring education, they should not be sitting idle waiting for government job, let them try and establish even if is a small scale businesses”, the entrepreneur said.

Habibu pledged his company’s readiness to assist anyone acquire skills of setting up and operating a business through training on plumbing job or even how to select location of siting a business.

For easy and smooth transaction please contact habibualhassanmsa@gmail.com@gmail.com(07036100364)

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