Engineer James Isreal debunked Allegations of Criminal Breach of Trust, Cheating, Misappropriation, Theft and Impersonation against him.

By: Muhammad Kaka Misau

Engineer James Isreal an owner of one company in Jos who was suspected for misappropriation, cheating, theft and impersonation by the family of late chief Judge of Yobe state, Justice Garba Musa Nabaruma debunked all the allegations and decried over what he called frustrating the case over an allegation of simple offences.

This was contain in a statement sign by the Human rights defender Mbami Isreal Sabka and made available to Baushe Daily times in Bauchi.

The suspect Engineer James Isreal who was in correctional service in Yobe state narrated how the things happen.

“Our relationship between me and the late Chief Judge of Yobe State, Hon. Justice Garba Musa Nabaruma started in 2015 when the Late Chief Judge of Yobe State came to Jos in company of one Engineer Gadzama and met me in his workshop at Jos requesting for a construction of Fabricated POP (Plasta of Parish) because the I “ENG JAMES ISREAL” had a registered company to fabricate those machines.”

“From there,I followed them to Damaturu and they went and inspect a business of oil mill in Damaturu owned by the said late Chief Judge and saw some obsolete machines which the late Chief Judge instructed ME to remove them so that he can plant the new POP Machines. Based on our agreement, we constructed the POP Fabricated Machines, planted and tested them before handing over same to the late Chief Judge. Later the late Chief Judge brought another man to do the analysis of the machines and it was okey. Thereafter, due to a misunderstanding between them (which was orchestrated one Nafiu (a boy to the late Chief Judge), the late Chief Judge told ME to go back to Jos.”

“In the cause of my work, the late Chief Judge asked me to bring in two other companies who came to repair boiler and his generator that were vandalized by the Boko Haram insurgency.”

“So, all the staff of the two other companies stayed in a hotel which accommodation was paid by the my company outside our initial agreement , but the late Chief Judge said he want them to form partnership to repair those obsolete machines and do oil mill in Jos.”

“They later moved the obsolete machines to Jos and in preparation to commenced work, the late Chief Jude employed 5 people in Jos in 2015 but i was the one giving them allowances since it is a partnership.”

“Some of the machines are still in Jos. On 12 June 2020 when i heard that the man has died, I came down to Damaturu from Jos to pay condolence to his family, none of the family knows me or aware of the business because everything was between me and the late Chief Judge.” He stated.

Engineer James Israel also added that “On arrival, there was a committee set up for me to appear before them so i narrated the story to the Chairman of the committee, but before I conclude, the wife of the late CJ jumped up and started calling DSS and they came and took me to their office. After explaining things to them they released me on self-recognition and asked me to come the next day.”

“Dissatisfied with what the DSS did, the wife of the late chief judge later called DIG and from there i was taken to the CID from there they took me to Chief Magistrate Court Grade 1 on the allegation of Criminal Breach of Trust, Cheating, Misappropriation, Theft and Impersonation wherein the Chief Magistrate imposed stringent conditions for bail so as to deny me bail which include producing two Permanent Secretaries resident within jurisdiction as suretie, Knowing fully that i was based at Jos not Damaturu.”

“Being unable to meet up with the bail conditions, i “the suspect” through my counsel apply for a review of the bail conditions which the Chief Magistrate did by imposing more stringent conditions which include depositing a sum of N20 Million Naira in the alternative. In fact, the Chief Magistrate openly stated that my hands are tight as far as the case is concern.”

“Thereafter, my counsel “the suspect” filed a Motion for the review of bail condition to the High Court of Yobe State. The present Chief Judge assigned the case to himself but refused to give a date for the past 3 months.” He decried.

According to Human rights defender Mbami Iliya Sabka Based on thier investigation, the wife of the late Chief Judge is highly connected to both the Attorney-General of Yobe State and the Chief Judge and they have been monitoring and frustrating the case over an allegation of simple offences.

He added that From the findings, the facts of the case clearly show that Pastor James Israel and the late Chief Judge are just partners in business as there was no any properties given in trust for him to hold. There was no any misappropriation, cheating, theft and impersonation as alleged in the F.I.R.

Mbami Iliya said that “the suspect” organization has fabricated and installed so many mechanics in states like Calabar, Maiduguri and even Abuja.

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