Gombe 2023: Muhammad Jibrin, A New Paradigm

. By Adamu Yalwa Gabi

Fragmenting the political nomenclature or call it jinx of any elected civilian Governor has become what some analysts have described as no longer trending news in Nigeria’s democratic settings whether gainsaying or other wise, relating it as simple as the first three alphabetic letters ABC which are easy to comprehend just as counting of numbers from a new basic school pupil or an infant trying to learn how to speak begins with the word Mama, Baba or political oppurtunist who is about to bid farewell from the reign of leadership after his first tenure system full of treachery with lack of social inclusiveness in neglecting to give a level playing ground to his constituents for them to have sense of belonging as the fruit of their hard labour.

History will forever continue to remember Gombe State that was created from the old Bauchi State when the presidency was under the watch of a man who laid off the hands of the western powers through out his 5 years military era, late Gen.Sani Abacha based on his ideology created the new State in 1996 not only because of its recognition as a business hub but one among the two states in the North East geopolitical zone which was not leverage to have a continuity after the expiration of their first tenure at the end of fourth republic when democracy has come to stay in the country.

The first historic moment, was that of Borno State where the then agile Governor late Mala Kachallah of the ANPP decamped to Action Democrat(AD) and was defeated by Sen.Ali Modu Sherrif,a scenario that was about to behold in Bauchi by a national founding member of the PDP who alone brought and spread the wings of the umbrella as a symbol of the party in the State, a renowned business tycoon and philantropist whose house was a Mecca of sort for both the highs and lows of the society always assembled, the masses in their long queues being gifted monies, empowerment tools from dusk till dawn by the generosity of Senator Bashir Mustapha, the Shettiman Katagum of blessed memory.

A political strategist, a rare gem and a man loved by the talakawas who constitute a large number of the electorates, who if he had lived to participate in the 2003 Guber election with former Governor Ahmadu Mu’azu,Bauchi could have likely
followed suit to be the second State in relinquishing the corridors of power to another big wig of same party who suddenly died prior to the 2003 general election despite Governor Mu’azu’s achievements, before the 2015 Bauchi’s political saga which saw the innocent defeat of Governor M.A Abubakar SAN of the APC by Senaor Bala Abdulkadir of the opposition People’s Democratic Party.

The first democratically elected Governor of Gombe State to continue hatching his eggs beyond incubation period of one tenure was a heartwarming and refreshing in not only the political trajectory of the Buba Yero’s flag recipient from the Islamic religious teacher and revolutionary Usman Bin Fodio who founded the Sokoto caliphate being an ancestor to the traditional institutions in northern Nigeria as a whole.

However,the 1999-2003 sitting Governor Abubakar Habu Hashidu of blessed memory of the defunct ANPP and a career civil servant that rose through the ranks to the MD Upper Benue River Basin Authority and former Minister of Water Resources in the Ibrahim Babangida’s khaki’s regime became the second to feel the bitter taste of losing his 2nd term bid to a more younger Obasanjo’s serving Minister of State For Power and Steel Sen.Danjuma Goje due to political influence of the then powerful VP and now strong opposition PDP Presidential candidate Atiku Abubakar who was alledged to have landed in a private jet loaded with huge amount of cash and launched a monetary air strike not the forbidden bomb or missiles attack to the political hallots; a tactic which instantly changed all the arithmetic and political calculations of the old timer,Hashidu which i may not to be wrong to express my optimistic anticipation that history will no doubt repeat itself.

Though, this piece is not intended to de-market the incumbent Gombe State Governor, Alhaji Inuwa Yahaya who in one way or the other has provoked the minds of his kingpins with a wound likely to be cured at a time,the motive which is triggering the success of his re-election and to some extent the same forces that had tighten the parcel together in bringing the party into a lime light during the 2019 polls may equally change for a better candidate now in the opposition for the interest of unifying the State to get rid of those beraucratic bottlenecks simply to fraternise the political victory of the young and promising PDP candidate who was oiling his machinery over the years and waxing stronger day in day out to seize power with a view to reshaping, modelling and initiating a good master plan in taking Gombe known as the jewel in the Savannah to the level beyond it present shores.

Hon.Muhammad Jibrin Dan Barde, a genius financial manager and an insatiable penchant of beauty with his socio economic drive in both the Banking Industry and properties oriented sector is that unique mamalian specie of pedigree with both the political will and capacity to judiciously display the endowered natural resources on tray to include kaolin used in drug production like magnesium trisilicate and tooth paste for a smooth operational policy.Others are the tin and iron ores, uranium, gold and crude oil to prudently take a good Governmental care of all the inhabitants without recourse to cheating even an unharmful parasite which is also created by the creator to live a meaningful life by enjoying the same breeze inhaled by the Gombawa and other residing citizens from different regions of the country who are key to achieving any development as provided by God Almighty worthy of emulation by others.

The recent setting ablaze of the State PDP secretariat in Gombe by some hoodlooms, alledgedly sponsored by the strong oppostion ruling party with the executive highest order for now had potrayed another bad impression plus negative colouration in the eyes of its electorates as a sign of total surrender to unwillingly relief power to a person with vast wealth of experience accorded with integrity in handling public funds not forgeting his foreign connections with other countries that can engage into a bilateral agreements to boost the State socio-economic activities especially interms of trade and investments opportunities for Gombe to compete favourably with some world class economies across the globe.

This inferno equally reminded me of the will left as a guide by an expert on intra relationship or love affairs which says that at no cause should a guy in love with his girl friend start making unneccesary comments or revelations on his rival not to talk of attempting to destroy his property or launching a physical attack on him to avoid indirectly motivating her to have a pshyco- emotional pitty on the second choice but instead concentrate on how to influence,persuade and entice your target to sojourn and easily succumb to your aspiration for a simple win over which His Excellency to be in advance, Dan Barde had since met all the required criteria with his legally paid off dowry ready to tie the knot with 26 years old beautiful fulani bride for an awesome and blissful administrative marital life which i have forecast a full green light at the end of the tunnel,come 11th March, 2023.

Gabi,a journalist,writes from Bauchi and could be reached on: adamumgabi@gmail.com, +2348033990884