New year: Christian Youth Forum calls for unity among Nigerians

Samuel Luka, Bauchi

The National President

A Socio-Religious group known as United Christian Youth Progressive Forum has called on Nigerians to unite for the common good of the country as the world enters the new year, 2023.

The President of the group, Mr. Joniga Edward who made the call in an interview with our Corresspondent yesterday, urged Nigerians to be steadfast, patriotic and optimistic in the year 2023.

Mr. Joniga who granted the interview as part of activities to mark the new year celebration also called on well-meaning Nigerians to show love to one another.

“We have to embrace philanthropy. There is the need for leaders at all levels of government to ensure that the welfare of the people remained a top priority in their agenda”, he said.

He said considering the present hardship in country, government and the governed must play complementing roles in building a prosperous, united and indivisible Nigeria.

“As we enter the new year, it is imperative to reflect on our achievements and challenges as individuals and as a nation. No doubt, 2023 will be a year of celebrations”, he predicted.

The Christian Youth Forum leader maintained that for Nigeria to attain enviable heights, citizens must shun acts that will divide the country.

While commenting on the general elections, the National president pointed out that “it is now time for Nigerians regardless of political, ethnic and religious differences to sustain peace and harmony in a bid to build a just society”.

According to him, no country can thrive in an atmosphere of disharmony.

“Nigeria’s cultural, ethnic and religious diversity must be harnessed for growth and progress of the country”, he said.

Mr. Joniga Edward added, “we must not allow political or religious sentiments to take Nigeria backward. Let us engage people in government in constructive criticisms as against hate speech and campaign of calumny”.

He further appealed to Nigerians on the need to imbibe good moral conduct in their daily pursuits for the sake of peace and unity”.

He also encouraged the general public to use the remaining dateline set by Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) for collection of their Pvcs as part of their effort to ensure the success of the forthcoming general elections.

He further advice Religious and traditional to educate their followers on the importance of before during and after the general election, saying the only hope for this country to progress is to vote credible leaders who has the fear of God in their heart.

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