Gov Bala: A Portrayal Of LG Autonomy

I write to commend the recent effort intensified by the Executive Governor of Bauchi State, His Excellency, Sen. Bala Mohammed Abdulkadir, in his bid to stick to President Muhammad Buhari’s proposal in restrengthening his proposal on local governments’ full autonomy.

It is evident that the twenty local governments that constitute the Bauchi State are now being solidly renovated to meet with the updated comfortable working environments. This is an indication to every objective individual that would convince the people of Bauchi State regionally and the nation at large that the Governor is in full support of the local government autonomy.

However, all the office stationeries are to be renewed and the old ones would be discarded in order to ease the running of the local government affairs. To be candid, this recent move confirms and attest to the fact that Governor Bala is incredibly a leader with great and unseeable foresight.

Sadly, the last time that these local government secretariats were renovated was about forty nine years ago, but in view of the fact the he remains supportive and committed to the requirements of the local governments he strongly is determined to promote the local governments authority. We should therefore note that, local government is the only entity which is supposed to be constitutionally independent, because it is the most closest to the local people.

Furthermore, it is not a biased conception that of all the Nigerian governor’s none as ever proved to be fully active and dedicated towards the development and independence of his local governments.

The project of these local governments’ renovation is soundly good and worth praising. Because the local governments’ have been desperately in need of renovation, but were left uncared for.

Finally, governor Bala fits to be applauded for his immersed actions of depicting president Muhammad Buhari’s dream of seeing that the local authorities have attend their full liberty. And Gov Bala’s action would undoubtedly stimulate other governors to imitate what he does towards promoting democracy.

Mohammad Haruna Barde
Senior Special Assistant to the Executive Governor of Bauchi State, on Mobilization

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