Impostors, Rarara and the Fake Youth Forum’s Award

On Wednesday 15th June, 2022 two of Facebook friends, Ahmad Muhammad Danyaro and Abdullahi Barau Azare tagged me in a Facebook post that trended on the social media that one association called Jama’are Emirate Youth Forum (JEYF) awarded a popular Hausa political musician, Alhaji Dauda Kahutu Rarara a “Certificate of Excellence” (don’t mind the grammar) which according to the group was “in recognition to your (that’s the awardee’s) tremendous effort and exceptional commitment towards development of humanity” (I beg for your pardon on the grammar wahala). Based on my search on Facebook the story on this issue was first broken by Ibrahim Sanyi-Sanyi (whom I follow on Facebook) whose post seemed to be earlier than that of the purported chairman of the forum, one Rabiu A. Umar (who happens to be my Facebook friend too).
My consternation minified by the comments on the Facebook wall of Ibrahim Sanyi-Sanyi by his followers, many of whom (thanked God) suspected the forum to be a fake one, and of course created and formed for the purpose.
Though there is naturally nothing wrong with conferring an award on any person who contributed toward the development of any community but the question to ask remains that, in what way has Rarara contributed towards the development of Jama’are Emirate?. Many groups in Jama’are have a history of giving award for personalities that excelled in different area of endeavor and who exceptionally contributed towards the development of the Emirate (which is normal and obtainable in many places).
It is indeed a source of concern that churning out such awards to personalities who are not known for delivering any community services is a spoof that will do great disservice in future.
Members of the Public should note that JEYF is not a registered association by any institution at the Jama’are Local Government or at Bauchi state levels. Traditionally, such associations are registered with the desk officer of clubs and associations at the LG Social Welfare office. Also local clubs usually have patrons who are usually elderly personalities who advise and guide members on what to do. JEYF neither to has no one and no one in the registry of the LG.
I will naturally not write this if the awardee was to say, Aminu Bagwai another popular Hausa singer who for quite long now has been friend and of course a frequent visitor to Jama’are and who had a dedicated song for Jama’are town, a headquarters of Jama’are Emirate.
On a serious note from all indication, Rarara might have been a victim of ‘Yan-wanki’ impostors parading themselves as a representatives of Jama’are Emirate Youths. The careless with which the certificate is written in a quite mangled English language is an indication that this group do not represent us. It is an obvious facts which every casual observer can glean.

Ibrahim Sulaiman Jama’are is a concerned citizen of Jama’are, he wrote from Abuja.

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