Internal democracy only abounds in the PDP – Bauchi assembly Member boasted

By Mohammed Kaka Misau

The opposition Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) leader in the Bauchi state house of assembly, Hon Bakoji Aliyu Bobbo has boasted that internal democracy is only found in his party, which according to him, is a disciplined party.

The Lawmaker who speaking in an interview with our Corresspondent on Sunday in home town Misau said insisted that it is only the PDP that has internal democracy because it adopted good administration strategies.

“There is internal democracy in the PDP unlike other parties. For instance, our closest friend, the APC, they don’t believe in internal democracy, what they know best is imposition”, he alleged.

“They will tell you that this what we want, you either accept it or you leave, they don’t give a level playing ground for their aspirants that is why in their statements, you will realize that they are dictatorial”, Hon Bobbo said.

He added that, “take a look at what happened recently, how many people aspired to become the national chairman? But just one day they announced that so so person is our national chairman without caring about how the rest will feel”.

“The style is, it is either you accept or you leave. some of them wanted to leave but they kept on begging them to stay, may be they were compensated in one way or the other and they agreed to stay, that is not democracy, democracy is service to humanity, democracy is all about fair sharing, democracy is not done the way the APC is doing, it’s not”, the Lawmaker pointed out.

The Lawmaker who attributed voter apathy to the failure of leaders to fulfill campaign promises, said many people have not bothered to enroll for Permanent Voters Cards because they lack confidence in most of their leaders.

“Someone said people have not been enrolling for the PVC and I told him that how can they, since they have no confidence in those ruling them? People can rush for PVC if they taste the real dividends of democracy”, Hon Bobbo recalled.

According to him, “they promised to end Boko Haram but even as the Boko Haram is still existing, ISWAP came in, they promised to revamp the economy, they promised to reduce price of petroleum but instead of doing so, we witnessed sharp increment, kidnapping emerged, ASUU strike with no end, they said education, we are seeing none, they made so many pledges but we have not seen them been fulfilled. So, with these, how can you believe in government?

“For instance, we have been without electricity for two days in Misau, is electricity under Bauchi government? is security under Bauchi government? Is the economy under Bauchi? Education, though is in the concurrent and legislative list but is ASUU strike for Bauchi state? So when you look at it, all that this government promised during their campaigns have not been fulfilled”, Hon Bobbo further said.

He questioned: How then do you expect people to have confidence in the system such a way that they will go and enroll for PVCs. If you elect someone and you are not seeing him again, how can you now gather the courage to go and vote again?

The Lawmaker advocated that for democracy to improve and yield the desired result in Nigeria, the leaders must be responsible and sincere in the discharge of their mandates.

“Politics is not all about I am so so person, it is about providing purposeful and quality leadership to the people. If people are convinced with your leadership style that’s all”, he added.

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