By: Mohammed kaka Misau, Bauchi.
It is neither hype nor political statement or the figment of imagination of the writer to say that the former Bauchi State Governor, Mallam Isa Yuguda, gathered points in politics, public and private corporations and became Jewel in the crown of political leadership.

Though, that was not just achieved on a platter of gold, rather through hardwork and dedication, coupled with higher deposit of brain power.
There is no dispute about the fact that Mallam Yuguda’s robust political journey is a pukka one and might have taken its root course in two dimensional points of views. The titan political leader, bee’s knees in politics, public and private sectors is a matter that has to do with good family upbringings, leading to higher minded status in character and captain of human resources manager.
Another central focal point that made it viable for His Excellency, former Bauchi State Governor, Mallam Isa Yuguda to reach the zenith in politicking has to do with his hotshot affinity and loves for humanity. His Excellency, Mallam Isa Yuguda’s altruism gestures for humanity marked the end of the road for any acts of inward looking against others, silver tongue politics, thereby paving the way for him to inculcate culture of all-inclusive leadership in his conduct.
The uncrowned king of Bauchi State politics is no doubt a force to reckon with. Aside politics, he is equally exceptional in both academic and banking sector. The legendary politician of Bauchi State extraction, after he obtained Bachelor of Science degree in Economics from the prestigious University, Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria and Masters Degree in Business Administration from the University of Jos, underwent several leadership courses within and outside the country.
To tip the wink at the activities of political grandee of Bauchi politics aside, he obtained academic and professionals qualifications and worked with both public and private sectors. For instance, he worked with Federal Mortgage bank as Area Manager in Bauchi State from (1981-1984), and Savannah Bank as a Credit Manager, Sokoto branch, (1986-1987). Also, Mallam Yuguda served as an Acting General Manager, Inland Bank (1991-1992) and subsequently became Managing Director/Chief Executive of the same bank between 1992 and 1999 and finally became Managing Director/ Chief Executive NAL Marchant bank.
The former Bauchi State Governor, Mallam Yuguda’s, attitude to change in life in both public and private sectors was among the major keystones that made it possible for him always pulling with brigades of massive followership even before he resigned from work and participated actively in politics after the returned of democracy in 1999.
Despite the fact that democracy then was ill-conceived, or more correctly in awry, yet Mallam Yuguda and his teeming supporters surged from all angles in the state and beaver away at political campaigns and played tour de force role and ensured His Excellency Mallam Isa Yuguda was elected as Governor of the State in 2007.
No wonder the baleful political influences and altruism gestures exhibited by him, couple with gigantic supporters, were the major power block behind why President Olusegun Obasanjo administration appointed him as a State Minister of Transportation in 2000.
At the ministry, the Honourable Minister ensured that the twenty five year Transportation/Railway master plans for Nigeria which led to the establishment of several container Depots across the country, as part of the government reform policy in railway sector saw the light of the day during his administration.
Subsequently, His Excellency Mallam Isa Yuguda was reappointed as a Minister of Aviation, where he set up pace by conceiving ideas of setting up a national carrier which finally resulted to Virgin Nigeria through a public-Private Partnership arrangement after successful liquidity of the moribund Nigerian Air Ways in league with the Bureau of Public Enterprises.
The high powered leader, while as a Minister of Aviation, equally reviewed the existing laws of the aviation industry which were in place since 1964 and also rehabilitated Murtala Mohammed Airport General Aviation Terminal (GATI) and awarded contract for the construction of MM2 which was the first of its kind as Public Private Partnership (PPP) in the country.
These feasible quantum leap of fabulous leadership and dynamism exhibited by Mallam Yuguda as a Minister, made it possible for him to build a networking empire of henchmen within and outside Bauchi State. His patriotism and altruism gestures towards his people could be the major forces of demagoguery that virtually pulled down the psyches of his people to persuade the political lion in his den to contest the Governorship of the State in 2007 and won under the platform of the defunct ANPP.
Though, the former Aviation Minister before he left PDP for ANPP, during build up to 2007 general election, he kept his nose clean, at the same time, beaver away at party issues and worked towards former Governor, Alhaji Adamu Muazu’s victory in 1999 and his re-election in 2003, before political differences made them to fall apart in 2007.
Despite political millstone round his pack as a result of crack between his camp and the then incumbent governor, His Excellency, Governor Muazu, the Garrison Commander of Bauchi politics, as widely known by his people, wipe the floor during 2007 general election and became Governor of the state in 2007.
As a governor of the State his impeccable peerless performance records put in place in all sectors of the society made it possible for his people to rally round him and ensured his re-election victory in 2011 despite he went back to his original party PDP.
After the expiration of his eight years tenure as governor of the state in 2015, millions of his supporters within and outside the state saw him as the eminent apotheosis needed by Buhari’s administration in moving the nation forward, which was the major keystone to his decamping to APC.
In a nutshell, His Excellency Mallam Isa Yuguda is a apogee leader whom his componentizes posture, couple with love for humanity, spurring gesture are the major catalyst why his people tagging him as Garrison Commander of Bauchi politics and the same time putting him on top of pile of other politicians within his party APC in the state.
It is therefore, beyond the shadow of doubt, to believe that the perpetual rise of political profile of Mallam Isa Yuguda since the advent of democracy in 1999 to date could be the locust point that made him to be appointed and serve two times Minister and elected in 2007 as governor of Bauchi State under the platform of ANPP and re- elected in 2011 under PDP.
Finally, many political heavy weights within the state, irrespective of party inclinations and want to remain anonymous, told this writer that Mallam Isa Yuguda has been the necessary pillar of APC leadership in the state, thereby championing the courses of the party. In light of these, many political stakeholders of APC in the state are of the opinion that the national leadership of the party and the national leader, Senator Bola Ahmed Tinubu should expedite action and take council of war with the political lion of Bauchi politics in order to grid up the party’s loins ahead of 2023.

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