Kaura Is The Only Governor To Have Speak Against The Torture Being Experience By Northerners In The South.

Northern governors, especially those who have the zeal of contesting the presidential seat come 2023 keep mum watching our people being treated harshly in the southern part of this country. Just because they are afraid of losing some votes in the region ahead of 2023 poll.

Bauchi state governor senator Bala Abdulkadir Muhammad is the only governor among his counterparts, who has been bold to speak against the satanic attitude of some Southern youths, who are assaulting fellow Northerners on daily basis, destroying and taking away their belongings.

The I don’t care attitude displayed by our leaders in the North concerning this threat being face by our people in the South is heartbreaking. I have no doubt that if this thing that’s happening to our people in the South happen to Southerners reside in the North wallhy their leaders won’t keep silent about it. They would reach out to Human Rights/Amnesty International etcetera, for serious action to be taken. Why not our leaders?

Despite calls from numerous groups across Nigeria, calling for Sen Bala Mohammed to contest for presidential seat, this didn’t discourage him from saying the bitter true about the situation fellow Northerners particularly Fulani herders went through in the hands of Southerners and North Central as well. As I said earlier, some of our leaders are afraid of losing some votes from those attacking our people which is why they opted to remain silent that to speak out and lost votes.

“Journalists are indeed the voice of voiceless, Kaura have speak for the masses” may all your good wishes be granted Sir.


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