LG chairman debunks reports of politicizing mosquito nets’ distribution in Bauchi

Mohammed Kaka Misau

The Caretaker Committee Chairman of Misau local government area of Bauchi, Hon Salisu Hussaini Hardawa has debunked reports that the recent distribution of mosquito nets was marred by political influence in the state.

Hardawa who made this known in an interview with our Corresspondent on Saturday, noted that the distribution exercise of the free insecticide treated mosquito nets was carried out successfully in his domain despite minor challenges.

“To Allah be the glory, the distribution exercise was a huge success. We received the consignment and we kept them in the store under tight security for almost 90 days while waiting for the scheduled date for the distribution exercise”, he said.

“In fact, the store is not our own, it belongs to the state government, and thank God, before the commencement of the distribution exercise, the consignment was found intact the way it was brought to us”, he added.

Hon. Hardawa further explained that health workers under the primary health centers were responsible for carrying out the distribution exercise under the assistance of youth that were recruited as adhoc staff.

He said that the minor challenges faced during the distribution exercise was the inability of some people to understand that only those who were issued with the allocation cards are eligible to get the nets.

“All the due processes were followed in the distribution exercise during which everybody was carried along. There was nothing like politics in the exercise, all Stakeholders were allocated the forms”, he said.

According to him, all religious and traditional leaders as well as other key Stakeholders in the local government area were carried along in the distribution process.

“There was no bias in the distribution exercise, we did it with fear of Allah”, he added.

Hon Hardawa said, “before the distribution exercise, house to house mobilization was carried out and we gave them all the support. All the staff of the Primary Health Center (PHC) who were carrying out the job we supported them”.

He said, at the commencement of the distribution exercise, lack of understanding of the process was observed in Zindi community as many did not know that only those who have the cards were due for the nets.

“They could not understand that it is not something that as soon as you get to the venue they will give you the nets, no, there are processes, they have to scan you to ensure that you are the real owner of the allocated card before you are given the nets. Thank God we were able to get them enlightened and everything went well”, the Caretaker Committee Chairman said.

“Initially, some of the people thought once you arrive the distribution point you will be given the nets without following any process, we encountered such challenge from some our people, but they were later enlightened and they understood the process which made the exercise to end successfully”, Hon Hardawa further explained.

He said such challenges were not encountered in sub-urban areas as a result of their literacy level, adding that the challenges were recorded in rural communities.

“But thank God we finished the work successfully, in fact there was a day I was going round when I came to Sirko community, I met some visitors that came from Abuja, I was not even aware of their presence in Misau and they commended the process”, he said.

Hardawa explained; “when I asked them whether they noticed any problem, they said no. So, this thing was done transparently, we deployed security personnel to nooks and crannies of the LG to ensure that the process is done successfully”.

The LG Chairman who expressed gratitude to God that the exercise recorded 90 to 95 percent success, commended the state government for creating the enabling atmosphere towards the distribution exercise.

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