In the name of Allah, the most gracious and most merciful. I have the greatest pleasure this evening to officially unveil to you my candidacy under Social Democratic Party (SDP), as Representative of Misau/Dambam Constituency in the Federal Legislature, in the forthcoming 2023 General Election.

It is a big honour and tremendous responsibility, hence I was persistently reluctant to run initially, until after I finally succumbed to your pressure to stand for this election on the great conviction that none could fix it for us except ourselves and in the high spirit of hope that together, we can collectively work to get ourselves out of woods.

My dear respected brothers and sisters of this two historic towns of Misau and Dambam, it is almost twenty four years, since Nigeria returned to Democracy. Over this long period of time, we elected four different people to represent our constituency in the Nation’s Green Chamber. Unfortunately, we almost always have to keep voting them out, one after another on the account of incompetence, corruption, cluelessness and poor representation.

Most of the promises made in 1999, when I was still in Primary School are still the political promises being made to us today by these so called unscrupulous power mongering politicians. The question is for how long should we allow ourselves to be deceived and exploited before we say no more.

A lot of people in our Society today have become helpless and hopeless thereby increasingly despondent about the political future of not only our local respective Constituencies but of course of the Nation in general. I have personally spoken to a number of people who said they will not vote in the forthcoming general election, some would say none of the candidates is worthy to be elected.

In my opinion, Democracy as a form of Government is totally not at fault, but rather the kind of people we elect and unless we arise and keep such people off the system by voting them out or not voting them at all, to stem the disruption of the system as well the destruction of our society our future can not be bright.

For almost two and a half decade of the present political dispensation, we consistently allowed the bad actors among ourselves to dominate politics and still keep sharing tears of agony of their maladministration on the other hand.

Youth, ages between 15 and 35 who made up 60% of Nigeria’s population are consistently deprived a chance to participate in governance and often use by the incompetent politicians most of whom in their 60s as thugs, hooligans and social media fanatics to accomplish their negative political objectives thereby robbing their future. If you’re currently between the ages of 30 to 35 most likely you are significantly poorer than your parent were at the same age. Live is getting increasingly difficult.

For me, I think It is high time for us as a people to change this long standing narrative collectively by embarking on this revolutionary task of rebuilding and reshaping our society through resilience dedication and sacrifice. I believe is going difficult but it is necessary and indispensable for a brighter future to our people and these are primarily my reasons for contesting this election.

In the next few days, I will disclose my Agenda to all of you.

Thank you.


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