Nigeria @62: Christian Youth forum urges Nigerians to believe in the country’s future despite its present challenges

Mohammed Kaka Misau

The President of a faith-based Organization, United Christian Youth Progressive Forum, Mr. Joniga Edward has urges Nigerians to be optimistic about the future of the country despite its current the challenges.

Mr. Edward made the appeal while speaking to newsmen on the occasion of 62nd independent anniversary of Nigeria in Bauchi state.

He said that the nation holds abundant promises and blessings for the citizens, adding that Nigeria has what it takes to overcome today’s threats and trials.

The leader of the group described Independence Day as a day of freedom that provides an opportunity for the citizens to reflect on the country’s progress, celebrate its humble attainments and ponder over those dreams yet to be fulfilled.

Edward encouraged leaders and the citizens to re-dedicate themselves to the virtues of equity, justice, tolerance and strive to give their best for the good of the nation.

“As we mark this day of freedom, it allows us to reflect on our progress, celebrate our humble attainments and ponder over those dreams that are yet to be fulfilled”, he said.

The forum’s president who observed that Nigeria may have her hiccups and challenging times that might be stretching the resolve and determination of the citizens to forge ahead, appealed to Nigerians not relent nor succumb to fear, discouraging trials and threats of the day.

According to him, the journey of nationhood is a marathon which requires patience, resilience, tolerance and determination.

Mr Edward added that the uncertainties of this time could not be compared to the limitless promises in the country.

“We will never lose hope in our country and in our indomitable spirit and capacity to overcome difficult times, seize the moment and conquer”, he reasoned.

Edward said that the present situation of the country offers Nigerians a new opportunity to renew their drive towards attaining greater heights and secure their shared dreams and common vision.

“As we celebrate, let us aggregate the successes, challenges and lessons of the last six decades and apply them towards a more prosperous future for us and upcoming generations”, he advised.

Edward said that the forum had embarked on a nationwide tour to enlightening the youth ahead of the upcoming 2023 General election.

He enjoined the youth to remain optimistic, adding that the challenges of this time will rebound to a glorious fortune if credible leaders are voted into power.

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