Nigerian Education Is In The Hands Of Mediocre

By Aliyu H. Yusuf

Education becomes a vital and crucial tool needed for the formation of minds from childhood to adulthood in a designed environment called school where learning and the acquisition of skills take place for the total development of each individual, the society and the nation as a whole.
The poor and declining educational performance of students, owing to delays of stipulated duration, poor learning environment, lack of qualified teachers, retardation in paying of remuneration of teachers and lecturers by governments has become so alarming that the achievement of the set goals of teaching students to contribute positively to their sustainable development and that of their nation is endangered.

Nigeria has been blessed tremendously and generously with remarkable economic resources such as oil, cocoa, rubber and plantation, but despite all these natural resources and blessed assets, it is really lamentable to see an increasing number of Nigerians still wallowing in abject poverty in recent times.
In the rural areas, poverty seems to be higher compared to urban areas.

The instability of the government and the country’s leadership have seriously damaged the educational system as well as its quality.

The graduate unemployment rate is high and frightening as well as that of adults, and the number of children dropping out from schools, taking into street hawking, theft and snatching of properties from persons is alarming. Adequate planning, resources and materials are not invested and technological intervention is not incorporated.

The quality and standard of education in Nigeria is poor because government doesn’t place much value on education and would prefer spending money on other sectors such as political activities and infrastructures.

Their children and relatives fly overseas to study in Foreign Universities
While that of the poor masses are suffering delays in Public institutions due frequent strikes.

Poor governance and management of resources, including the educational sector have contributed to the crippling of the education system which has had negative impact on the fate of Nigerian Youth.
Most ministries are not properly governed to make sure workers do their work rightly. The attitude of most workers as well as that of government to education system is poor which has affected the quality of education.

Aliyu H. Yusuf
Writes from Jos

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