We have done what the propagandist APC failed to do in four years – Bauchi’s works Commissioner says

By Mohammed kaka Misau, Bauchi

The Bauchi state Commissioner for works and transport, Alhaji Abdulkadir Ibrahim, Cika Soron Bauchi said on Thursday that the present administration of Bala Mohammed has within Two and half years, done what the immediate past All Progressives Congress (APC) government failed to do in its four years stewardship.

The Commissioner made this known yesterday while speaking in an exclusive interview with some Journalists in his office.

He noted that the administration of Bala Mohammed has within the scope of less than three years of assumption of office, performed creditably well to the admiration of the citizens of Bauchi state.

“You are aware that this administration is almost three years old, we came in May 29, 2019 and we met a very huge infrastructural deficit, and infrastructure been the key in moving any state economy, we ensured that we embark on fixing the deficit”, he said.

“In our two and half years to three years of governance under the PDP, we have done what the propagandists APC government did not do”, Alhaji Abdulkadir said.

“I can say it with all humility that we have constructed a number of roads, we have constructed hospitals, we have done well in the education sector, we have provided a lot of services to the good people of Bauchi state”, the works Commissioner explained.

“It is a known fact that the previous government got billions of naira but unfortunately, the resources were not properly harnessed and utilized”, he said.

The Commissioner said that the present administration came in with a roadmap of developing sectors such as infrastructure, education, health, agricultural, commercial sector and many others.

“We sat down and ensured that we have a roadmap, a strategic plan on how to move the state forward. We have been opening up the state capital so that we will leverage on all these areas in order to keep the economy moving”, the Commissioner added.

According to him, “that’s beginning with the road constructions, closing deficit in the health sector, agriculture, education and in all other sectors. However, our major concern been the ministry of works and transport is the construction of roads”.

“We awarded a number of them and we also inherited a number of them. As I am talking to you today, we have constructed and delivered more than ten roads in the state and we still have some ongoing. We intend again to award a number of them”, the Commissioner assured.

The Commissioner who said government and governance is not about sharing money, pointed out that it is all about living landmark projects which the governor Bala Mohammed’s administration is doing.

“Alhamdulillahi! These projects that we are doing is cutting across the entire state. The Northern Senatorial zone, Central Senatorial zone, Southern Senatorial zone, every Zone, we can tell you that we have delivered a number of projects and we will continue”, Alhaji Abdulkadir said

He hinted that the present government is about to award the construction of Mararraban Gumau to Gumau road, Rishi to Tulu and to Tama and the road from Rimin Ziyam to Polci to Dass.

“And in the Southern zone, we have the Kafin Larabawa road, in the Central we have Soro to Miya. So, these are how the projects are going on simultaneously, every nook and cranny of the state is getting its own fair share of developmental projects”, the Commissioner noted further.

According to him, the projects being done is criss-crossing the entire state with the expectations that every sector in the state will get its fair share.

“It cannot be done at once, you have to be taking them in phases, we have good plan for all the 20 LGs, no exception”, he said.

The Commissioner who said all the projects being carried out have direct bearing in the lives of the citizens, maintained that the roads been constructed were been yearned for by the benefiting Communities.

The Commissioner who explained that all the projects are been carried out using using the resources available to the government said that Governor Bala’s administration has also embarked on giving out empowerment packages to the citizens under the Kaura Economic Empowerment Programme (KEEP) to make them self reliant.

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