Osun Guber election, a success to PDP and lesson to other political parties – Babangida Ahmed (Katukan Misau) Bauchi Political Analyst says

By Mohammed Kaka Misau

A Bauchi state based political Analyst, Babangida Ahmed has described the victory of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) candidate in the Saturday gubernatorial election, Senator Ademola Adeleke as, ‘not only success to PDP but a lesson for all political parties in the country.

“The election that took place in Osun state yesterday (Saturday) and which the result was announced today (Sunday) is a success to PDP and the entire PDP members across the country”, he said.

“It’s not all about the success but it’s a combination of success and lesson. If you may recall, two to three weeks ago there was an election in Ekiti state where the APC defeated the PDP and this time around, yesterday the PDP defeated the incumbent Governor in Osun”, the analyst recalled.

Adding that, “this is why we always tell people that they need to understand that people are more enlightened now, they have now known the true meaning of democracy and what it entails”.

The political analyst Katukan Misau said looking at the caliber of people in the APC in Osun where even the presidential candidate of the APC, Tinubu has root and others, but the APC was not lucky to win yesterday’s election.

“This is giving a lesson to Governors, Senators, house of representatives, houses of assembly members to know that incumbency is not a guarantee for one to be re-elected but what a politician has been able to do for the people.

“Politicians need to now know that the guarantee for their re-election depends on what contribution have you made for the progress and development of the people, such that their living standard would be improved, through protection of their dignity, their lives, their properties and putting in place, social amenities for them, that will enable a political party to continue to win election”, he explained.

He said that the use of money to buy votes did not yield any result in the Saturday election in Osun state because the electorates have now realized what democracy is all about.

“The essential ingredient in politics is to talk and interact with people. So, people are beginning to realized that money politics will not help them”, he said.

According to him, even if the politicians used money during the Saturday gubernatorial election in Osun, the impact was not as expected.

“People may have collected the money but did the needful by voting competence”, he said.

According to him Babangida , Nigerian politicians need to embrace opened door policy which is what he said will give them the real democracy and the peace of mind.

He said when dividends of democracy is delivered, the common man will know that he voted for the person he knew will deliver and based on competency.

“That’s what will lead to progress in democracy, the electorates are better enlightened now that they know who to vote for, and like I told you, this is a great lesson, not only to APC or PDP but the entire political parties in the country”, the political analyst said.

He maintained that, anyone with intention to contest for any political position should know that he can be voted out if he failed to deliver to the people.

He advised that politicians who knew they can not operate an opened door policy should have no business in the politics, adding that, such person should allow those who will operate an opened door policy to play the political game.

“Let such person quit and allow those that can operate an opened door policy to be voted. That is why I said that the main ingredient in politics is interaction and talk. If you can talk to people and interact with them, that’s politics.

Commenting on the forthcoming 2023 general elections, the Analyst said that the PDP will record tremendous success.

“I told you during my interaction with you recently that there are a lot of areas that APC need to improve upon, they have tried but their shortcomings are huge and from all indication, nothing will stop Alhaji Atiku from winning the presidential election in 2023”, he said.

“I am calling on the attention of all politicians, irrespective of party divides to be just and fair to the people, let them have a listening ears, let them take advise from people so that they can work for humanity”, he added.

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