Re-elect Gov Bala to complete his developmental projects, Gov Bala’s Coordinator urges Katagum people

Mohammed Kaka Misau

The Coordinator of Governor Bala Mohammed of Bauchi state in Katagum local government area of the state, Alhaji Malami Barde has called on the entire people of the state to re-elect Governor to enable him complete the numerous developmental projects being executed across the state.

Speaking in an exclusive interview with our Corresspondent on Monday, Barde said, in the history of Bauchi state, no Governor has recorded tremendous successes in less than three years of his first tenure like Bala Mohammed.

Barde who also holds the traditional title of Turakin Azare in the Katagum emirate council, said that the Governor has done excellently well to deserve been re-elected.

“Honestly speaking, His Excellency, the Governor has brought a lot of development to the state. For instance, in my local government Azare, Sule Katagum road to Jama’are which used to be un-motorable has been constructed and put to use, this has ignited joy in the hearts of our people”, he said.

According to him, Governor Bala Mohammed has also constructed the hospital road which has defied solution from past administrations.

“He is the Governor that executed the project, it has opened up the place and has boosted business activities of the people around that axis and the local government as a whole”, the coordinator said.

He noted that, “a plot of land that used to sell around N100,000 can hardly be gotten at N2 million there now”, Barde said.

The local government Campaign Coordinator said further that the present administration of Bala Mohammed has constructed roads in many parts of the state to the benefit of the masses.

He noted that Governor Bala Mohammed apart from executing road projects in Katagum local government area, he has also empowered over five hundred youth and women throu his Kaura Economic Empowerment Programme (KEEP).

“His Excellency has distributed empowerment packages worth over one million to beneficiaries of the empowerment initiative in Katagum which has now ameliorated the plights of the beneficiaries. If you can go round now you will see how people are engaged in meaningful ventures, they have become self-reliant”, Barde stated.

He pointed out that, in order to revamp the education sector and improve school enrollment, the Governor has renovated several schools in addition to the construction of new ones.

“The Governor has brought a lot developmental projects to Katagum local government area, which has helped in boosting the economic activities of the people.

He expressed gratitude to the governor for awarding the contract for the construction of ultramodern market in Azare town of Katagum local government, adding that work on the site has since commenced.

“We are very much sure that this project, the construction of ultramodern market in Azare will be actualized because as I am talking to you now, the contractor is tirelessly working on it and we believe it will completed within the timeframe”, he said.

The Governor’s coordinator in Katagum, enjoined the electorates to come out en mass and vote for Governor Bala Mohammed the second time to enable them continue to reap the needed dividends of democracy.

“We have never seen a Governor whose passion is to serve his people like Bala Mohammed, he is always working to ensure that the citizens are happy, he likes putting smile in the faces of the good people of Bauchi state, men and women, the haves and the haves not”, Barde said.

“Base on this, I am calling on all the people of Bauchi state to come out in large number and cast their votes for the Governor and his running mate Hon Auwal Jatau, let them not be deceived by the APC, they will have nothing to gain if they make the mistake of voting for them.

Barde who described the governor’s running mate, Hon Auwal Jatau as a competent politician who has held many political positions, maintained that the state will witness more dividends of democracy if Bala’s mandate is renewed in 2023.

Barde who expressed appreciation to the governor for recorded tremendous achievements, said Katagum have benefited from Bala’s administration in so many ways.

“We have benefited in so many ways, for instance, the Itas to Gadau road which had defied solution from past governments is now being constructed, the road is very strategic, it will link us with other local governments and will boost economic activities of our people”, Barde explained.

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