Reps Aspirant for Misau/Dambam pledges more democracy dividends

Mohammed Kaka misau, Bauchi.

A House of representatives aspirant for Misau/Dambam Federal constituency of Bauchi state, Architect Sadiq Ahmed Iliyasu has assured that he will provide the much needed dividend of democracy for the good people of Misau/Dambam, if elected into office come 2023.

Arc. Iliyasu who recently distributed sallah gifts including cash to over 500 less privileged and vulnerable persons in his constituency, said that the gesture was meant to help them have sense of belonging and celebrate the Sallah period full of merriment like others.

Speaking to our Correspondent in an interview on Sunday, the reps aspirant said it is expected that those who have should always support the have nots, not only when seeking any elective position.

“My inability to win the last election will not deter me to do good to my people. I know that I performed very well during the last election, it was just that Allah has not destined me to win then, but in Sha Allah this time around we shall succeed”, he said.

Arc. Iliyasu said he is into politics not just to play the game but to bring positive changes in the lives of the people of his constituency.

The aspirant called on the good citizens of the state, particularly those of Misau and Dambam local governments to actively participate in the ongoing voters registration to enable them vote for credible candidates in the 2023 general elections and beyond.

“I am more concerned about the constituent where I come from, that is Misau and Dambam Federal constituency. So I am urging them to go out enmass and register for the voters card so that they cannot disenfranchised themselves”, he said.

He said by registering, they will acquire the voting power in such a way that anybody contesting for governorship in the state will have to carry them along if he eventually wins.

“But if he discovers that not many people turn up for the voters card registration, he would not bother about your area, he would rather align himself with those LGs that registered enmass and forget about you and work for them if he wins the election”, Iliyasu said.

According to him, the two local governments have been left behind in the ongoing projects in the state because of the believe that they didn’t have much voting power.

“We are been mocked by others that they are the ones that voted for this Government, that the people of our Constituenmany did not vote for it”, he said.

He reiterated the need for the people of Misau and Dambam to actively participate in the voter registration to enable them have the voting power and elect a credible candidate so that they can remember us upon winning the election.

Iliyasu cautioned the youths in the area not to yield to politicians who would capitalized on the economic condition to use and dump them after election.

Once you collect money, you have already sold your convenience and will lack the courage to ask for any infrastructural development. Such elected official will only focus on how to recover the monies he shared before and during the election”, Iliyasu further explained.

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