Resurrection of Politics in Bauchi and quest for new Ningi – By Usman Abdullahi Koli

It came to us as a usual politicking of our leaders but we voted in the recent 2019 election in Bauchi State after many years of such exercise. We have had many administrations in the second tier of government in the State but without leaders bringing tangible achievements to their people whom they voted through ballot.

No doubt, in the past, many local government areas had rotten away as a result of crippled administration. This has denied many citizens access to government in the grassroots.

Interrogating the new twists in ancient Ningi area of Bauchi is pertinent, this Local Government that bellies many tribes such as Faawa; Ningawa, Butawa, Warjawa among others, is a blessed town of dignitaries and affluence.

Way back to the genesis of democratic dispensation in 1999 till date, Ningi has had many state and federal house of representatives as members and for the first time elected a member who rose to the speakership of the 9th assembly in Bauchi. Unarguably, past leaders have tried their best to restore and maintain infrastructural development, be that as it may, there surfaced a game changer, a pathfinder, Hon. Abubakar Y Suleiman has recorded remarkable achievements within the shortest time.

With this giant take off, New Ningi is assured. With regard to this, it would be recalled that after the 2019 Election, Abubakar Y suleiman was elected as the member representing Ningi Central Area, having successfully defeated his contenders

The day he was declared a winner Dan Galadiman Ningi , had a meeting with all stakeholders, traditional, religious and political leaders across party lines to make Ningi a better place to live. Again, he has started tour across to hear from his subjects and has ordered a quick response team to address complaints from his constituents. Abubakar Suleiman, make it a priority to bring succor and solace to his constituents towards executing remarkable projects which include boreholes installations, Provision of Power poles to restore light in Ningi, Renovation of schools in Ningi Central not to mention of empowerment program for the teaming youths, in the area.

Doing this, it will be on the record that the honorable member is one of the most active amongst his counterparts. Since assumed office, Mr. Speaker who is one of the two members in the state house from a place popularly called “Garin Danyaya” turned out to be best and good representative of his people in the state assembly.

He is the only member in the history of Ningi with responsiveness and attentiveness. His approachability and heed to advise is second to none. After his assumption of office, he gives his subject a free time for suggestions and advices. This is commendable. It is been long such a gesture happened under our nose.

The astronomical increase in the cases of rape and violence against persons has worried Speaker Abubakar Suleiman. Thus, he decided to sponsor a bill for a law to prohibit all forms of violence including physical, sexual, psychological, domestic, harmful traditional practices, discrimination against persons and to provide maximum protection and effective remedies for victims and punishment of offenders 2020.

The bill which is popularly known as Violence Against Persons Prohibition (VAPP) was unanimously adopted by all members of the Assembly who eventually passed it into law.

Since the passage of the Bill, the Speaker and the Assembly have been receiving commendations from within and outside the country. Many national and international organizations have presented awards and commendations to the Speaker.

Now, as it stands Ningi needs construction and maintenance of roads to ease transportation and to boost economic activities. Dan galadima initiated the construction of Nasaru—Arinja—Balma 17 kilometer road to be constructed.

Though, he once said during his electioneering campaign time that “no any health facility will remained like a zoo again, health is life and life is precious, so we will do what it takes to renovate and even construct some facilities for our people.” These all are a testament to his exemplary leadership qualities.

The Speaker facilitated the construction and renovations of some primary and junior secondary schools.

Dangaladima is also on daily basis settling registration fees and bursaries for students from the Constituency.
Education is the ingredient of the development of any society. Speaker Dangaladima is making big investments in the education of the people of his Constituency.

He lobbied and paid the required counterpart fund for the construction of a half bridge and three culverts and the rehabilitation of Zazika Road. He also lobbied and settled the counterpart fund for the construction of two blocks of three classrooms each as well as two motorised boreholes in Yalwan Kankare village all in Ningi Central Constituency.

At the beginning of his representation, he disbursed five million naira to youth and women as start up capital so that they will engage into different businesses and occupations. 400 women got 5,000 naira each while 300 youths got 10,0000 naira each. Motorcycles and mobile phones are also disbursed to some supporters.

As stated earlier, one of the cardinal responsibilities of any lawmaker in the State Assembly is representation. In discharging this responsibility, the Speaker has provided a conducive atmosphere for members to engaged their constituents through town hall meetings and present the yearning and aspirations of the constituents to the Honourable House for onward transmission to the Executive Arm for implementation.

To reduce the effect of shortage of medical personnel in General Hospital Ningi, Rt. Hon. Abubakar Y Suleiman engaged 20 medical personnel and posted them to the hospital, which he is paying them monthly salary.

Furthermore, The Speaker ensured that his Local Government extends its synergy with the state government, other agencies and NGOs because the speaker is best known as initiator of good things. On the other hand, his respect for traditional title holders is extraordinary.

Though Abubakar Y Suleiman is only representing the good people of Ningi Central in the state assembly but his remarkable achievements touches all angle in Ningi, where his spokesperson comes from other constituency that’s a sign of him to see Ningi is being progressed. All this achievements were recorded in less than two years, imagine what Ningi Central would be having when this man served for a full term.

In recognition of his uncommon accomplishment, the title of “DAN GALADIMA NA KOWA”, was conferred on him. Basically, this gentle and eloquent man, knows how to change narrative and contain problems within a short period of time. The Speaker set up a committee which will go round and bring reports of concern to books.

Indeed Hon. Abubakar Y. Suleiman is adamant to serve humanity, a gentleman to the core, a honorable leader, a person with a clear vision.

This gentle man is the only politician in the history of politics in Ningi that every week goes back to his constituents, interact freely with them anf rendered his support to them. Indeed Politics is being resurrected.

Without prejudice, I must say a big thank you to His Excellency, the Bauchi State Governor, Sen. Bala Muhammad Abdulqadir for his kind support and dedication to ensure that Bauchi State is brought to a great milestone.

History will always have it that the present administration in the state, aimed at fulfilling its campaign promises as such, we the people of Ningi Central especially those in Nasaru and Balma will now benefit from a road construction that has been a concern to us, but with the intervention of our son the royal blood and our speaker, our road is on process.

Usman Abdullahi Koli, a student of Mass Communication Department,Abubakar Tatari Ali Polytechnic, Bauchi

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