Return Of Dr. Aliyu U. Tilde

By Shehu Hassan Jarawa

An erudite academician, Dr. Aliyu U. Tilde is a prolific writer of international repute, a technocrat and a seasonal administrator per excellent. Tilde is one of the Honourable Commissioners sworn-in by His Excellency, Sen. Bala Abdulkadir Mohammed, Con, the Executive Governor of Bauchi state at the Banquet Hall of the newly reconstructed Bauchi state government house.

Indeed, he has taken the educational sector of Bauchi state to the next level, envious of all. Tilde’s unprecedented feat in the area of education cannot be overemphasized. 

He is an indefatigable goal getter who brought to bare numerous invaluable achievements and innovations to the system of education in Bauchi state. 

He is a result-oriented person that strongly believe ‘he can move a mountain or die trying’. His unrelenting and unapologetic philosophy of life often times brought about a paradigm shift in every aspect he is engaged upon. 

Undoubtedly, his excellent leadership skills started manifesting in 1999 when the former Bauchi state governor, (Dr.) Ahmad Muazu gave him the mandate and opportunity to contribute his quarter to the development of education in the state; by appointing him the pioneer Chairman of the Bauchi State Special Schools Management Board, sequel to the creation of the Board by the erstwhile  Ahmad Muazu led administration, with the view of bridging the wider gap between education and illiteracy in the state. 

And right from inception of the board, Bauchi state has been reaping the dividends of Dr. Tilde’s sacrifice towards sustaining the overall goals behind the creation of the special schools, which are still of immensely beneficial to the state’s educational background up to date. 

The products of these special schools are not only occupying various rightful positions in virtually every facet of human endeavors, but as well, the secondary school leavers are still making up to expectation by attaining the basic university entry requirements, and in effect, filling up our quarters in all the higher institutions across the length and breadth of the country and even beyond.  

The legacy of Dr. Tilde speaks volumes on the individual stuff he is made up of. His name is written in an indelible gold ink on the pages of history, his legend is etched in stone, carved in granite, inscribed in marble, forged in steel and casted in concrete, to serve as a precedence for the present generation and the generation yet unborn. 

His time is felt, his legendary legacy will eternally proceed him, and of course, his educational giant strides will certainly keep his footprints on the sands of time, not only for dexterity, but for the purpose of history as well.

Congratulations on your successful swearing in by His Excellency, Sen. Bala Abdulkadir Con, as a substantive Honourable Commissioner and member of the Bauchi state Executive Council. 

While congratulating you, we are highly optimistic that Bauchi state will continue benefiting from your vast wealth of experience in the educational sector, and sincerity to serve humanity.

Mal. Shehu Hassan Jarawa 

(Danmasanin Wuntin Dada)

League of Professional Teachers in Nigeria (LOPTIN)

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