Rights group, COFAA urges govt, security agencies to tackle pockets of insecurity in Bauchi

Mohammed Kaka Misau

Human Rights group known as Council For Affirmative Action (COFAA) has tasked security agencies and the government to be proactive in their constitutional responsibility in order to nip in the bud, pockets of security challenges in Bauchi state.

The Rights group which made this known in a press statement signed by its Executive Director, Mr. Mbami Iliya Sabka during the weekend, expressed concerns over the escalating security challenges within Bauchi town.

He observed that recent reports have highlighted a disturbing trend of armed men brazenly robbing houses and terrorizing innocent citizens under the cover of darkness.

While commending the government and the security agencies for making effort to confront the challenges, Mbami called for extra effort to tackle the disturbing threat.

According to the human rights organization, the alarming situation has left Bauchi residents in a state of constant fear and uncertainty.

“As an NGO committed to the welfare and empowerment of the community, we firmly believe that the safety and security of every individual is a fundamental right that should not be compromised”, Mr. Mbami said.

“We stand in solidarity with the citizens of Bauchi and urge them to recognize that their security lies in their own hands of which they are also expected to give credible information to the security agencies on suspicious movements around them”, he added.

Mbami noted that “the increasing frequency and audacity of these criminal acts necessitate urgent action from the government and the security architecture of Bauchi State”.

“We call upon the authorities to prioritize the safety and well-being of their constituents and take immediate steps to curb this menace”, the group pointed out.

COFAA while urging the citizens to ensure community Vigilance, explained that it is crucial for individuals to be proactive in safeguarding their neighborhoods.

“We encourage the establishment and strengthening of community watch groups, fostering a spirit of unity and shared responsibility. By looking out for one another and reporting suspicious activities, we can create a formidable defense against criminals”, the group said.

COFAA also advocated for collaboration between residents and Security Agencies in order to improve intelligence gathering, surveillance, and rapid response mechanisms.

The group which said joint efforts and effective coordination are vital to apprehend the culprits and dismantle their networks, called for Partnership between the government and the NGOs, community-based organizations, and other stakeholders to tackle the security challenges in the state.

“By harnessing the collective power of diverse resources and expertise, we can develop comprehensive strategies to address the security crisis”, Mbami further explained.

COFAA urges the government and the security architecture of Bauchi State to rise in defense of the citizens, adding that the challenges requires immediate and resolute action.

Mr. Mbami who insisted that the safety and well-being of the people must be prioritized, enjoined the citizens of Bauchi to remain vigilant, resilient, and united in the face of the challenges.

“Your security is paramount, and by working together, we can reclaim our community from the clutches of fear”, he said.

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