Sallah durbar: Dambam LG Chairman Commends Bala’s laudable achievements, seeks construction of three roads

By Mohammed Kaka Misau

The Executive Chairman of Dambam local government area, Hon Waziri Ayuba has commended Governor Bala Mohammed of Bauchi state for executing developmental projects across the state.

Hon. Ayuba who was speaking to Baushe Daily Times during Sallah in Dambam on Tuesday, expressed appreciation to Allah for the successful conduct of this year’s Ramadan fasting and Sallah durbar in his domain.

“I want to thank His Excellency, the Executive Governor of our dear state, Bauchi, Senator Bala Mohammed for carrying the people of Dambam local government along in his policies and Programmes”, he said.

“However, as we expressed our appreciation, we equally wish to like Oliver twins, ask for more. We thank God and we thank our governor for what he has done for us but we still need more if we can get. We have two or three roads that is so dear to us but are not motorable”, Hon Waziri Ayuba said.

The LG chairman while pointing out that if three roads are constructed, the people of Dambam would not even bother about any project from Bala’s administration in his second tenure.

“We would not need any other thing. These roads are Dambam/Gurbana to Tarmasuwa to Zindiba. we need these roads because there are a lot of Communities around those places that into farming, they are into both dry season and rainy season farming”, Hon Waziri said.

The Dambam LG chairman who said even Tiamin Company that is into large scale farming is located within the area, observed that they will also benefit because they need accessible roads.

“They need road that is accessible for their smooth operations where many of our people will be gainfully employed. Although the Tiamin farm is located in Gamawa but it’s much closer to Dambam”, he noted.

He added: “We have another road from Dagauda to Jalam, even if it’s going to be a feeder road, when constructed, will help farmers in bringing out their farm produce. Likewise between Akuyam, Yanda and Dambam, the Communities in those locations need to be brought out of the woods to make them know that it is not business as usual with this government”.

The local government chairman who said the past governments were unable to construct the roads despite their strategic importance economically, expressed optimisms that the present administration of Bala will address the problem.

“I have observed that most of the roads constructed and those undergoing construction are those that the past governments couldn’t cope with and I don’t think it’s going to be a big deal for this workaholic government”, Hon Waziri Ayuba said.

“I have seen what it has done in Itas Gadau, it has brought them to limelight, Mindamiyo and other places, he has brought them out of the woods and if that is done for us also, it will open up our communities. So I am pleading with His Excellency, not because we are not grateful to him for what he has done for us so far but if these roads are constructed, we wouldn’t need anything again during his second tenure”, he said.

The LG Chairman who prayed Allah to continue to grant the governor good health, urged the people of Bauchi state to intensify support to the governor in his people-oriented adminstration in order to work towards the progress of the state.

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