Sayawa Chiefdom: Ambassador Chinade led committee submits report, recommends amnesty for people indicted in previous conflicts

By Samuel Luka, Bauchi

The Ambassador Jibrin Dada Chinade led committee on the review and implimentation of Justices Babalakin, Shehu Awak and Bala Umar on the creation of Sayawa Chiefdom has on Friday submitted her report to Governor Bala Mohammed of Bauchi state.

Ambassador Chinade while giving summary of the report at the government house recalled that the committee was inaugurated by the Bauchi state Governor, Bala Mohammed on 17th December, 2021.

Amb. Chinade said the decision of Bala’s administration to appoint his committee was informed by unsuccessful efforts made by successive administrations since 1991 to address the problem.

He noted that finding ways to resolving issue of Sayawa Chiefdom as recommended by the reports of the committees under review, establishment of demarcation, allocation of capital and the modalities for the appointment of the chief, his class and title, among others were some of the terms of reference of the committee.

Ambassador Chinade said that the Committe has in the course of her assignment, painstakingly studied the reports of justice Babalakin, Shehu Awak and justice and that of justice Bala Umar.

He said that the report of General Ibrahim Sabo’s committee based on which a bill was presented to the state house of assembly in 2011 to enact a law for the creation of Sayawa Chiefdom was also reviewed by the Committee.

Ambassador Chinade said that the 2011 law which was amended in 2014 was also considered, adding that sub-committees were also appointed to further study the various reports and made recommendations based on the terms of reference for consideration at the plenary.

He said that the report of the sub-committee was extensively deliberated and debated by the whole committee which a technical sub-committee was appointed later on to produce a draft report.

Ambassador Chinade said that the committee having observed the reports of all the previous Committees which recommended the creation of Sayawa chiefdom, upheld their decision in order to address the agitation for self-determination by the Sayawa and to bring lasting peace in the Tafawa Balewa/Bogoro axis.

He explained that the Committee recommended that the proposed Sayawa Chiefdom should comprise the whole of Bogoro Local Government area with provision that non Sayawa within the Local Government would be allowed to decide whether or not they want to be part of the Chiefdom through referendum to be conducted by the State Independent Electoral Commission.

They also recommended that areas predominantly occupied by Sayawa in Tafawa Balewa local government should form part of the Sayawa Chiefdom while referendum be conducted in other areas of Tafawa Balewa local government who are not predominately Sayawa to decide whether or not they want to be part of the Sayawa Chiefdom.

Other recommendations include, granting amnesty to people indicted in previous conflicts, how the State Government would identify where the headquarters of the proposed Sayawa Chiefdom should be located, the eligibility of the persons to be appointed, process of selection of the pioneer and subsequent chiefs for the Chiefdom and composition of Sayawa Chiefdom Traditional Council

Ambassador Chinade said in the report, appropriate recommendations has been made for the resettlement of persons displaced from Tafawa Balewa town as a result of the series of crises.

While responding, the governor commended the committee for doing a good job, describing the Committee as a formidable assemblage of people with enviable procedure and pedigree.

“From the address of the Chairman of the Committee, I have the feeling that the Committee has done a thorough job that would assist the Government in finding solution to the problem of creating the Sayawa Chiefdom once and for all”, Bala said

He said it was evident that members of the Committee deployed their wealth of experience and knowledge to meticulously carry out the assignment based on the terms of reference given to them.

Bala who commended the committee for not only a job well done but for also doing the job in a good time, said they have justified the confidence reposed in them.

The governor assured that the Committee’s report would be carefully studied by the government with a view to implementing the recommendations, adding that a White Paper would be produced on the report after being deliberated upon by the State Executive Council.

The governor expressed the desire of his government to put in place a Sayawa Chiefdom that would be embraced by all stakeholders without resorting to litigation for peace to reign at Tafawa Balewa and Bogoro Local Government Areas.

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