SBD23 series 1: Sabo Of Valour Camaraderie and Focus, a clarion call to the good people of Misau/Dambam.

I greet you all in the spirit of oneness and togetherness. I hope this message reaches you while you are in a good health condition. For the past few years, the question as to who should, or not be voted as the member representing the good people of Misau Dambam at the federal house of representatives has been answered wrongfully by the masses. And here we are again at the verge of yet another Election. Ladies and gentlemen of Misau Dambam constituency, I will like to however, remind us of the essential decisions we should make critically before chosing whom to vote for.

We may as a matter of fact, ask ourselves the following questions before deciding who should be voted into office:

  1. Is he educated enough for the position?
  2. Has he demonstrated requisite leadership competence to qualify for the position?
    4.what was his contribution towards the development of the community?
  3. What’s the focus of his aspirations and why is it different from what we have on ground now?

It’s time for us to make this appeal again namely: that we should start to see 2023 candidate more from the angle of his positive personality, and to support the man who knows the road to drag constitutional development/ infrastructural amenities.

Sabo has of course, since earned a niche for himself, as the father of our modern politics, producing excellent relationships from his unifying brand of politics, having been ever dexterous in finding and utilising potentials and gifts in various individuals he has worked with over the years (Irrespective of religion, tribe and background differences). He used to say and I quote, “Kasa Daya Al’umma daya (Gida gida ba Gaba)”, literally meaning, “one Nation one people, House by House and no enmity”.
He’s a great Nigerian patriot, a father, a mentor, civil servant, bridge builder who posses all leadership qualities to redeem our lost glory and salvage our community from the shackles of deliberate & recklessly created poverty, nepotism, sectionalism, tribalism, clonism and the present status of backwardness of our community.

He once said and I quote “Only a poor thinker will not observe the challenges and am preferred to face it”.

He has undoubtedly taken time to prepare himself for this particular moment and it is no wonder that political custodians of the Misau/Dambam people including the collation of former Local Government Chairmen, various stakeholders and several youth groups have emphatically called on him to run..

He’s one hell of a gentleman (Damo sarkin hakuri) he has grown popular and fast. Youths all over Misau/Dambam, east and west, north and south; are all ecstatic about Sabo. — Sabo is the face of the future and the near perfect crusader for real change, and real-time purposeful leadership.
Humanity is in him looking at his early background were he inculcate the moral virtue of simplicity, philanthropy, compassion and most importantly modesty and love for humanity, With strong shoulder to bear the burdens of his people, egalitarian in approach, committed to the well being of his people over himself. His selfless style of leadership is second to none “A TRUE MAN OF THE PEOPLE”

Only a no brainer will choose to leave someone with this quality and vision to unify the masses.

“Let the forces of hell gather, let the haters hate” We are confident that SBD23 Mandate will stand Insha Allah.

hon. Sabo Bappayo.

Misau/Dambam fed. Constituency 2023

Reps Misau/Dambam23

Best regards.
Ahmad Muhammad (AMD)

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