Shi’ites Mark International Quds In Bauchi


By Khalid Idris Doya

Thousands of Muslims faithful, mostly disciples of Sheikh Ibrahim Zakzaky staged a peaceful demonstration in Bauchi against the Israelites expansionist tendencies in the Middle-East and expressed support for Palestine.

The physical demonstration took place along various streets in the city chanting supportive songs to the Palestinians while condemning the Esraeilite policy. 

The demonstration led by one Malam Ahmed Yusuf Yashi said their peaceful demonstration followed the call by the Iranian Islamic leader, Ayatollah Khomeni to use last Friday of the Ramadan month as remembrance day for the occupation of Palestine by the Israelites in the Middle-East and to commemorate the oppression of the weak globally especially the Palestinians of the Middle-East by the Israelites.

Yashi called on the Muslims Ummah globally to understand that Palestinians issue is not about the struggle for their emancipation from the domination by Israelites, but the Israelites expansionist tendencies in the Middle-East, hence the need to curb the negative tendencies against the Muslims Ummah generally.

“The Al-Aqsa Mosque in the Middle-East is the third most significant Islamic Mosque in the World now under the occupation of Israel, hence it becomes very imperative to retrieve it back to the Muslims Ummah”, Yashi said.

Malam Ahmed Yashi said however that the struggle is not for the Palestinians alone, but against the Israelites planned occupation of the entire Middle-East to include countries like Syria, Lebanon, Jordan, among others, as demonstrated in the year 1967.

“The Israelites have the tendency to occupy the entire Middle-East of the Muslims domain under the project code-named ‘Bigger Israel’ that even includes Madina which arguably was confiscated from them by Prophet Muhammad (SAW).”

Yashi therefore stressed the need for the Muslims Ummah globally to be on their salvation toes as, according to him, the issue at stake is not to confine Palestinians alone, but the entire Muslims Ummah globally irrespective of sects differentiation.

He concluded, “Our on this last Friday of the Ramadan month as commemoration day is for each and every Islamic sect to come out in condemnation of the Israelites expansionist tendencies in the Middle-East, and show its unalloyed support for the oppressed Palestinians by the Israelites, and Insha Allah victory is on Palestinians side”.

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