Sign Of Better Things To Come In Gombe As Inuwa Braces For Another 4 Years

By Ismaila Uba Misilli

Gombe State’s ascendancy to preeminence in the national and international political terrain under Governor Muhammadu Inuwa Yahaya is quite remarkable and historic. The remarkable successes recorded by the Inuwa administration reflect a determination to create a new Gombe with limitless opportunities, thereby remaking the socio-economic and infact political fabric of the people towards a shared journey of good governance, prosperity and possibilities.

At every event or fora these days, Gombe State enjoys a prime of place, especially when the issues of good governance constitute the subject matter.

Just recently, specifically at the farewell dinner organized by the Nigeria Governors Forum (NGF), in honor of outgoing governors, Inuwa was accosted by the media and asked to share his views on governance, policies and development. Of course true to his character he didn’t disappoint.  He emphasised the need for leaders to remain focused and not to allow distraction of any sort or form, maintaining that “it is the leaders that guide and control the movement and we should therefore be on the positive side to direct and help the people through our policies and programmes”.

Speaking on his ‘magic wand’ that saw to the incredible transformation of Gombe State in less than 4 years of his stewardship, Governor Inuwa said, ” We thank God we didn’t go in blindfolded.  We went with a clear mission and vision, and Ahamdulillah we’ve been able to cultivate the grounds on which we are able to impact positively on the lives of our people through the projects and programmes we’re executing”.

The governor said sheer determination, hardwork and the passion to deliver good services to the people were largely responsible for the giant strides being witnessed in Gombe State under his stewardship.

Gombe has transformed into a beacon of accelerated growth and development, firmly establishing itself as the benchmark for progress. Step by step, it is attaining the position we envisioned for it. This remarkable achievement is a direct outcome of the Governor’s unwavering determination and vision to forge a legacy that  propels the state towards becoming one of the top ten strongest economies in the country.

The pervading optimism in Gombe State is now giving the people a shared hope for a brighter tomorrow. The power of leadership and vision have reshaped our collective being, now dwelling more on the big picture of what Gombe State can be if we believe in ourselves and do the right things in a focused manner as we follow resolutely the development trajectory carefully drawn and being executed to fully harness our potentials.

In the true spirit of our renaissance, therefore, I am sure everyone who has followed the enviable turnaround in education, healthcare delivery, infrastructural development, agriculture and human capital development in the state will agree with the realities of a new era of excellence.

Let’s start with the cosmopolitanism posture of Inuwa. Gombe, the state capital, like most of the other towns around the state, has now grown phenomenally big into a modern city with mind-blowing infrastructure and amenities as envisioned. The state is certainly making history.

The educational status of Gombe which was at the base among the 36 states of Nigeria, with secondary school students’ success ratio of 29 percent, is now at 87 percent. Thanks to Inuwa’s intervention through the state of emergency on education.  Just this year, the Inuwa-led administration pumped over N4 billion into the sector and declared an end to the state of emergency owing to the successes recorded.

Last year, the Dan Majen Gombe was on the podium at the United Kingdom’s renowned Royal Institute of International Affairs known as Chatham House. The Chatham House is a political turf of World Leaders.

Inuwa was found worthy of being called upon to showcase the good works he has been doing in Gombe State’s health sector. His brilliance in Chatham House is still reverberating in Nigeria’s political circles.

On security matters, Nigeria’s Inspector General of Police, Ahmed Baba, at the first Security Summit organized by Gombe State adjudged the Jewel State as a state to emulate in terms of peace and balanced security status.

From all indications, the next four years will come with so much improvement in the quality of life of the people. This is a major point of considerable effect on why government exists and what should really matter in our evaluation of leadership as a harbinger of change.

From this standpoint, it is clear that the Inuwa Yahaya administration is strategically building a new Gombe State that is innovative, competitive and prosperous.

The Gombe people are witnesses to the massive building of schools, upgrade of boarding schools and equipping them, enhanced investment in constructing many roads through his flagship project, the network 11-100 and economic sense of boosting agriculture, building and equipping various hospitals, revitalization of healthcare centres statewide, providing water for all, solid empowerment to unleash the creative energy of our people in business. A ground breaking idea of establishing the Gombe Industrial Park which ultimately will attract a cluster of multiple industries that will create thousands of good jobs is fantastic.

During Governor Inuwa Yahaya’s initial term, he achieved a remarkable transformation of Gombe state, leaving no critical sector untouched. His dedication ensured the state’s continued prosperity.

As he prepares to begin his second term in a few days, we eagerly anticipate an even more aggressive focus on infrastructure development, healthcare, education, and other vital areas of growth and development. 

Inded the future of Gombe State is very positive and one is inclined to believe convincingly that the Inuwa Yahaya-led administration has done exceedingly well in its first term and the pervading optimism is now giving the people a shared hope for a brighter tomorrow as the  Governor sets to be inaugurated for another four year term.

–      Misilli is Director-general, Press Affairs, Government House, Gombe.

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