Significance of Matriculation among students of ATAP and the Expectations

By Abubakar Muhammadu,

Matriculation can be defined as a formal process or procedure through which newly admitted Students become legitimate members of a particular institution of learning by taking an oath to be of good moral behaviors, good characters, adhering to the Norms and values of the institution and strongly pledging to shun all social vices that contravens Constitution or guideline of an Institution such as examination misconducts, sexual harassment, cultism, fighting, thuggery, among others inimical behaviors.

Failure by any Student to respect and abide by the aforementioned principles, does and don’t of his or her Institution before, during or after the Conduct of examination is capable of leading to his or her immediate withdrawal from the School.

This is because it has a legal backing of oral and written oath already taken by the Students at the Matriculation exercise which is an auspicious occasion marking their full academic Journey.

In Nigeria, the expectations of every year’s Academic Session of Versities, Polytechnics, mono-technics, and colleges serves as an avenue for matriculating Students for a Successful Academic Session.

As the matriculation exercise of Abubakar Tatari Ali polytechnic Bauchi (Atap) for 2023/2024 Academic Session draws nearer precisely to be held on 18th April, 2024

There is an urgent need for the Newly admitted Students to avail themselves for all the processes and activities required for a successful Swearing- in. They should participate actively in the collection of Matriculation gowns at designated Offices, as well as attending the slated Venue of the Excercise on the matric day Appearing in the matric attires.

This is the annual event of the Polytechnic where Management and staff of the institution from highest to lowest ranks appear in a colourful attires to mark the celebration.

Furthermore, the significance of the matriculation to each and every students Cannot be overemphasized. During the epoch making event, the Polytechnic’s Registerer is responsible for Administering the Oath of allegiance to the Students which marks their formal Academic Journey.

However Parents, guidians of the Students as well as Invited guests and well -wishers that are expected to grace the occasion play a Vital Role of making the event colourful and memorable one.

Unfortunately in most cases, some Students take the advantage to invite Some unscrupulous elements with potentials of disrupting the peaceful atmosphere of the event which is very sad and uncalled for.

To ensure a peaceful conduct of the exercise, it is a huge burden and responsibility saddled on the School management to enhance security architecture of the School premises especially by deploying water-tight security to maintain peace and order.

It is also pertinent for the Polytechnic to make sure that any one caught violating any rule that guiding the peaceful conduct of the Exercise Should be decisively brought to book and face the full wrath of the law.

Conclusively, Students especially Newly admitted are expected to take the advantage of the forthcoming matriculatiom exercise which will guarantee their stay in the Institution and be law abiding to all the laid down principle to achieving a hitch Free and fruitful Academic Session for their future betterment.

Comr. Abubakar Muhammadu
Writes From HND 1from the Department of Mass communication, Atap Bauchi.

Can be reach via 07032739517
or abubakarbukar1995@gmail.com

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