The advent of Lincoln University Kumo

By Sale Wada Sale Kirki

Am with excitement and joy in my face to recommend the efforts of Gombe state Governor, Alhaji Muhammad Inuwa Yahaya for bringing such a development to Akko local Government particularly Kumo town. Having a tertiary institution in your locality is such a blessing that can bring about development to that particular area or environment and Governor Inuwa have done it to the people of Kumo.

The advanced of Lincoln University College College Kumo will be a means or avenue through which the town will grow into a greater high because education is the bedrock of every society since without education all of us will not reach to a certain level in life but Governor Inuwa deemed it fit to bring such a development to a town like Kumo. I think the governor deserves a thumbs up from the good people of Kumo.

The Lincoln University College Kumo will be an avenue through which our friends, family and relatives in the community can be able to further their education without any form of hindrance and this will also be a chance for some people to have an offer of appointments to work on the university.

Am cocksur to say that, the good people of Kumo welcome this great achievement by Governor Muhammadu Inuwa Yahaya and this snippet event make the people of Kumo to have a sense of togetherness that yes, they’re at the mind of the Governor.

Leadership is not only about ruling or leading people rather creating an environment that makes the electorates comfortable in their daily routines and this is what Governor Inuwa is doing right from the beginning of his journey as the Governor of Gombe state.

The Lincoln University College Kumo will offer PhD programmes on this various course of studies Medicine, Nursing, Pharmacy, Science, Social Sciences Arts and Humanities, Business and Accountancy, Engineering, Computer Science and Multimedia as well as Hospitality and Tourism.

The Lincoln University College Kumo will surely make Kumo town a place where people will choose to come across for their studies and this will make the town busy interesting and interactive since the place will be an environment that will gather different dimensions of ethical groups to come together as one to achieve a certain position or goals in this life.

It’s clear we’ve some public figure in our locality despite the fact that they’ve done their fullest best in seeing that the Gombe state University of Science and Technology Kumo is establish and come to action but it failed woefully but with the help of the Omnipresence, omnipotent God and the help of Governor Inuwa Yahaya it becomes international by becoming Lincoln University College Kumo.

Governor Inuwa Yahaya make the wait over for the establishment of tertiary institution in Akko local Government Area particularly Kumo town because the people of Akko particularly Kumo town are in a dire situation to have a tertiary institution but with the help of the Governor here we are with Lincoln University College Kumo.

Lastly , I called unto the good people of Akko Local Government precisely Kumo town to maintain all the resources of the Lincoln University College Kumo with honesty and fairness and to know that “Good one turn deserves another “
Food for thought!!!

Sale wada Sale Kirki
can be reached via 08037874193

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