By Muhammad Umar Shehu

Bauchi state the must peace and loving state in the Northeast have been suffering from Road traffic crashes for many decades which makes it becomes the journey of death heaven as the trend is always rising.

The year 2021 is also counted among fruitful years of road accident in the state due to how it’s figures keep rising respectively year after year.

But this is For how long do the citizens have to suffer before the concerned authorities take the appropriate action toward minimising the trend to a barest level?

Report from the FRSC Bauchi state command indicated that about five hundred road accidents were recorded in the state in 2021 alone, more than four hundred lives were also lost leaving one hundred and fifty seven persons with various degrees of injuries.

These records were recorded from the four hundred thousand kilometres of the roads network connecting to the state, a figure I considered as worrisome and unacceptable.

It is a high time we question the constitutional responsibilities of the concerned authorities, as the known and the long time habit of these of recording and publicising road crashes only will no longer be tolerated.

The authorities concerned to regulate Road traffic and safety should not give all emphasis on recording road crashes and publicising it only, there’s also the need to identify the major causes of the ugly trend if not all with the aim of bringing it under arrest.

People drive carelessly and feel as if the road belongs to them and this happens only in Bauchi because of the barrier they create in mind that every will drive recklessly and if question he’ll say its their town and origin. Can we continue to live like that?

Over speeding and wrong over taking among other things were said to be the major causes of road accidents in Nigeria, but for the whole while there’s nothing concrete that can be said is done from the authorities concerned toward bringing it to the barest minimum.

While the authorities were concerned about recording road crashes the public are not even aware of the toll free number of the FRSC in time of emergencies not to mention the lack of awareness on safety measures of driving.

So the act of reckless driving in our societies need to be brought to book else wise the and properties lost in the menace will now be henceforth on the traffic authorities.

Notwithstanding the fact that motorist drive carelessly and recklessly in the road without concern about the people trekking on the road and this is a journey of a dead heaven in Bauchi.

Societies should understand that no any responsible society mean development to it self that will continue living a lawless life among its people.

And so traffic offenders should be dealt with accordingly and be publicise to serve as deterrent to others.

Muhammad Umar Shehu
Umarshehu887@gmail.com 08035794769
Department of Mass Communication, Abubakar Tatari Ali Polytechnic Bauchi, Bauchi state

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