The worsening of insecurity in northern Nigeria

By Josephine Samuel

Insecurity is becoming the issue of everyday in northern Nigeria, Everywhere is blood over stain the life of our citizens is not something worth to our leaders. We’re been killed everyday but they don’t care about the menace we face in our society.

This menace of insecurity is becoming a source of income to some people in northern Nigeria why because if you look at the situation at hand one May say that those criminals are independent.

Insecureness is rampant in our society especially Northern part of the country in a daily routine people lost their lives and no any action is been taking by our Government and we have a right to be protected and live freely in our society.

It baffles me so much to see that our relatives and family lost their lives just like that and our government failed to tackle this issue of insecurity because of their vested interest.

People are being unjustly killed like animals, lives are lost every now and then but no any measure to stop this issue how will we continue living in such communities like animals. A country that that don’t know the value of her citizens talk less of protecting their lives and properties.

Please we demand the return of peace in our societies because if otherwise this issue will definitely continue to rise since there is no set about being put into action to stop such a menace that happens almost every day in our dear Country Nigeria.

Nigeria a great country that I know but unfortunately turn to something else by looking at how out of school children witnessing enormous rise in this country, destitute people and orphans everywhere. Is this the Nigeria I know? No because Nigeria is great country before now.

The worse part is that, we can’t even move freely in our dear nation due to insecureness that the country is bedevilling with. People cannot travel in peace anymore, some are even burn to ashes while travelling. And this indecent almost happen everyday in this country.

Lastly I called unto the Federal Government to do something in tackling this issue of insecurity, banditry and other vices that is bedevilling Nigerians for a great and beautiful Nigeria again.

Josephine Samuel
Writes from the Department of Mass Communication, Abubakar Tatari Ali Polytechnic Bauchi, Bauchi state.

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