There is the need for Paradigm shift in the leadership of Misau Dambam-Aftaka to a new and a better disposition…

By: Mohammed kaka Misau, Bauchi

Mahmood Baballiya, who is popularly known as Aftaka and an Aspirant in the race for Misau-Dambam Fedral constituency in the 2023 Elections in PDP made this known during an interview with our reporter in Misau.

Baushetimes: Can we know a little about your biography?

Aftaka: “I am a Misau bred, was born on 02/02/1974 to the family of (late)Alhaji Ahmadu Aftaka that is my father, I did not stay with my father all my life as he took me to his cousin brother in 1980, the former Chief Justice of the federation Justice Mahmoud Muhammad whom I have been with for 42 years now.

“I attended my Primary School in Karewa GRA primary Jimeta Yola defunct (Gongola)Adamawa State from 1980 to 1986,I attended my secondary School in General Murtala Muhammed college Jimeta/Yola from 1986 to 1992, then i proceeded to University of Maiduguri.,from there i ventured into the business of Telecommunications,transportation and production as a business man, i have never hold any Government Office or political appointment but have been in active politics right from my University days.

I was the first Amir the faculty of science in the history of the institution,I was a chairman MSS special duties committee,I was chairman Advisory committee NUBBAS Unimaid chapter,I was Chairman Advisory committee SUG Unimaid, I was secretary geberal National association of science students, I was an Imam in the third largest Mosque (E block ) in the University, this are among a few that I was opportuned to serve by Allah.

Baushetimes: There has been rumours in Misau/Dambam, that you have come out to contest,and that you have reached a stage of purchasing the form for Misau/Dambam constituency. What do you think is the reason behind this?

Aftaka: “Now, if you are contesting, people will always mis understand you because of misconception,they will see as if you are promoting yourself
Anybody who tells you that politics does not entails money has lied,anybody who tells you that Nigeria’s politics is not about money, has lied. For instance, we, in the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), bought forms at two million seven hundred thousand naira and a few on top as party dues.. Even if it stops here, the contestant has spent money. If people thing that the highest bigger always stands out to be the best then they are stil going back to the same Waterloo.

Our people no longer value politics or beliefs,ideologies and convictions,they no longer belive politics manifestos,they are only after what an Aspirant can give them now even if it’s to the detriment of the future,so long as we use money as a prerequisite for any form of aspiration orv as yardstick towards measuring the best candidate,then we will never celebrate the ideals achievements entitled to us democratically.

“My advice to the people is that they should come out and do politics according belives and conventions in the personality of the contestants and one that has some ideals aims and objectives for his electorates to actuallise after being elected.
People should be asking any contestestand that comes to them for campaign of what he has to offer to them as a community if voted or elected in,people should go for those who have set our some desired blue prints for them as contentants to achieve once they get to the elected office,not for what to give them now as that may be spent in few hours and all be forgotten as good gesture,their Destiny and future should of paramount importance to them.

Baushetimes: What call do you have for deligates in your party?

Aftaka: “My call to the party and deligates is that let the party and the delegates know that they have a limit to whatever they can do,they can only present a candidate for the party to the people,but when it comes to the general elections,the electorates decides the faith of each and every party to determine which party wins,so to that it will be good for the party to choose the most popular,well accepted and the most humble in personality and character,one that has things to offer to the community after winning the elections, else nothing for the party after the primaries as the electorate will vote out whomever that is not fit to them to lead or represent them at all levels and to a greater extent this is what mostly causes anty party by party faithfuls.
I always tell the party that whoever comes and give you money collect it but the right abd the needfuls must be done in conformity with the yearnings and aspirations of the electorates.

Baushetimes: What you do have for the people and the electorates if given the chance elected or voted into office comes 2023 in the 10th National Assembly.

Aftaka..Alhamdullilah this is a good question as far as am concern,as for me I have set out my 16th point golden Agenda for the good people of Misau-Dambam and had sent it to to nooks athatmd carnies withing Misau-Dambam insha Allah will do all humanly possible to see that I make history by achieving them and making a good difference,and as I said,”Aftakiyya ” will build a new future and hope for our teaming youths as 70 percent of our investments is going to be on our Youths and women insha because they are the bedrock of our Democracy as well as our future leaders of tomorrow,I will do all to set good precedence for those coming after us to follow,will give the best input in Representation,will come up with solid and sound Bill’s and laws that will touch the lives of my immediate constituency meaningfully and by extension the country at large.
Will do all to see that I fight for the right of my people at all costs and against all odds in a non silent representation.

Aftaka: Lastly, i am calling and begging on the party and the people to do politics with maturity and decorum devoid of fight or insult as everyone is entailed to aspire and contest under all the platforms.Today, every Nigerian has right,even if it is my younger brother can come out to contest for this same seat i am contesting for, there is no problem. Therefore, there should be clean politics,let’s mbrace each other and get the best for our people.
This is my call and a clarification call to the Aspirants the the electorates.

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