To defeat banditry, Kidnapping, Residents must put eyes on visitors’ movements – Ahmad Kwarah

Mohammed Kaka Misau

In order to defeat acts of banditry and Kidnapping, residents have been urged to put eyes on the movements of visitors within their domains, a local hunter who specializes on fishing out bandits, kidnappers and other criminally minded persons in Bauchi state, Ahmad Mohammed Kwarah has said.

Speaking in an interview with our Corresspondent yesterday, Kwarah who inherited the task from his late elder brother, Alhaji Ali Kwara, noted that all eyes must be on the suspicious movement of visitors passing or settling in Bauchi state to curb incidents of banditry and kidnapping.

He lamented that many communities played host to strangers without necessarily finding out who they are, perhaps due to the peace been enjoyed in their areas.

“In areas where there is breach of peace, they hardly receive visitors just like that, they have to scrutinize them, unlike we here that are living peacefully. Yes, it’s good to welcome visitors, but while hosting them, we have to be extra careful, people should report strangers with questionable character to the relevant authorities, they should not harbor them”, he said.

“We have been contributing to maintenance of security and peaceful co-existence within and even outside Azare where I come from. As I am talking to you now, you cannot hear incident of kidnapping or banditry in Azare, we have succeeded in curbing them”, Ahmad Kwarah said.

The bandit fighter said he alongside his team are operating in all parts of Nigeria with the support of the Police and other security agencies.

“We thank God that we are succeeding, many people know that we are succeeding in our operations. We really thank members of the public for their support to us in this fight against bandits and kidnappers, many people are praying for us to succeed and thank God we are succeeding”, the hunter said.

Kwarah who said as a result of the successes he has recorded, a lot of well meaning Nigerians have been commending him for sustaining the fight against bandits and kidnappers.

According to him, he is encouraged by the massive support given to him by the federal and state governments as well as the security agencies and the general public.

“I am operating with their consent. When ever I am embarking on an operation, I call the IGP to inform him about it, I call the CP to inform him and we have always received huge support, 100 percent”, he added.

Ahmad Kwarah who reiterated that the Police has been very supportive to his operations, noted that without their support, he wouldn’t have attained the successes recorded.

“They have supported me immensely, we are working in collaboration with the police and we don’t have any problem with them”, he said.

While calling on the people to be conscious of movements around them, Ahmad Kwarah observed that any community with cases of kidnapping, there’s likelihood of harboring strangers with questionable character.

Ahmad Kwara who said security cannot be guaranteed without good information, explained that he has informants in different parts of the country.

“We have informants in so many towns and villages, and that is why we are getting our operations easier, before we embark on any operation, we always ensure that we have adequate information”, Kwarah said.

“We are enjoying support from members of the public to that regard”, he stated.

Kwara who noted that he is operating voluntarily in line with what he inherited from his predecessor (elder brother, Alhaji Ali Kwara), said he derives his earnings from his business (buying and selling of grains).

While commending Governor Bala Mohammed of Bauchi state for recognizing his contribution in the fight against insecurity, Kwarah said he was further encouraged when the Governor summoned him to a meeting.

Ahmad Kwara while observing that 95 percent of theft, burglary are caused by drugs, said he has been able to go after drug peddlers within Azare which has resulted to drastic reduction in cases of theft and burglary among the youth.

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