Dr.Ibrahim kabir : pace setter in basepa rebranding the pearl of tourism

By Usman Abdullahi Koli

One of the best achievements in life is when the general public celebrated one’s services to humanity while the celebrant is hale and hearty. Many have come and gone but only few are remembered, their memories and good works in the minds of people are inalterable and one of such record breakers is Dr. Ibrahim Kabir who is the present Director General of Bauchi State Environmental Protection Agency (BASEPA).

However, since his inception a lot has changed because he is a devoted servant, dedicated father, pace setter, selfless friend and important figure that touched many lives positively. Past leaders of the agency have tried but none can be compared to the current Boss following his huge contributions in environmental cleanliness, personal hygiene, frequent campaigns on risk of living in dirty surroundings and lots more.

Unquestionably, Dr. Kabir as a leader has built cordial relationship between people and BASEPA, he sought for more power to the established mobile court, the aim was to punish anyone caught violating sanitation exercise in every end of the month. Some irresponsible people in metropolis are fond of dumping refuse indiscriminately which is not good to health and that make the town unattractive to visitors, under the distinguished leadership of Dr. Kabir, residents are now afraid of doing so as those caught were heavily fined.

Heap of filthy garbages nowadays do not stay long which was the practice of the past government; even the workers are eager to carry-out their task early before civil servants and students start using roads to their various destinations.

Knowing the fact that improper environmental hygiene breeds disease carrier insects, Dr. Ibrahim frequently sends environmental health workers during monthly sanitation to make sure houses tidy and gutters are cleared.

Dr. Ibrahim who is an expert in the field, he often involves the services of unemployed youths in clearing drainages, most of them tend to be happy because they are paid based on work done; that alone prevents flood during raining season and outbreak of diseases. Regular orientation on television and radio always yields good result as people now are sanitizing their houses and communities without been told or commanded by authorities.

Furthermore, several concrete dumping grounds were built at strategic locations, new vehicles for collecting refuse were procured and more staff to ease the herculean task are employed.

The ‘Waste to Wealth’ company established during Isah Yuguda’s administration has been revived by Dr. Kabir who have seen opportunities in it, many are now benefitting as the company buys from people that bring all types of polythene bags, rubbers, etc. It is now hard to see leathers all over road sides.

The Agency under Dr. Kabir undertakes a cleaning exercise and restoration of Bauchi roundabouts from the public immoral act of Open Defecation. It successfully confiscated and apprehended heavy trucks of charcoal at different places which reduced the number of charcoal vendors across the state.

BASEPA staff that sweep road sides start at early as 5:30am and before 7:00am they are all done. Moreover, the secret behind successes recorded in BASEPA are Governor Bala Abdulkadir and Dr. Ibrahim, the duo visionary personalities are really trying especially in the area of workers’ remunerations which are vital for smooth and uninterrupted service deliveries.In addition, BASEPA Boss is a leader who lead by example, he arrives office and do not tolerate laxity to his responsibilities.

Emphatically, the BASEPA Boss carry out secret supervisions to see how the agency’s staff are coping with their tasks; lackadaisical staff are always leg-off and hardworking ones are rewarded with unexpected gifts. As more roads are been constructed by the Governor Bala Abdulkadir, luckily Dr. Kabir is also equal to the task of making sure that nooks and crannies of Bauchi are environmental friendly.

Travelers that usually pass through Bauchi and explorers that come from far and near places are nowadays happy and sleep with their both eyes closed; this is due to frequent fumigation of houses by the agency which has reduced the vulnerability of falling victims of diseases that are triggered by dirty environments.Recently, 7 million naira was earmarked by Bauchi State government for fumigation in some local government area’s against malaria outbreaks.

Dr. Kabir for the past one year in office is able to increase the number of workers in BASEPA which improved in the work because division of labour came in to be and youths’ restiveness has drastically reduced to a barest minimum.

For the tremendous and unforgettable works of brilliant and foresighted Dr. Ibrahim Kabir in BASEPA to continue flourishing, the Governor has to keep giving necessary supports in whatever the agency present; Dr. Kabir is after the development of Bauchi and its citizens not like others that care for themselves and their families.

Usman Abdullahi Koli,

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