University Don advocates early screening to prevent cancer

Mohammed Kaka Misau

A university lecturer with the federal university of health sciences Azare (FUHSA) in Bauchi state, Professor Musa Abubakar Garbati has advocated for early screening of symptoms of cancer as part of preventive measures to the disease.

Prof Garbati who was speaking during a program organized for the North-Eastern Nigerian Universities at the FUHSA Wednesday, said that meeting was aimed at looking at ways cancer can be prevented and possibly cured.

According to him, major risk factor discussed at the meeting was infection related to viruses that causes different types of cancers such as cancer of the ovary, uterus, cervix as well as cancer of the liver and cancer of other organs of the body.

Prof. Garbati who was also the Chairman local organising committee of the meeting, said different preventive measures discussed at the event includes early screening.

“Once an individual come for early, screening and is found to have infections with the virus that cause cancer, there are different methods, some of these viruses are treatable, some can be prevented by giving injection”, the university Don explained.

“So, that is why there is need to provide mass education, we need to educate members of the public on ways to prevent cancer”, he added.

Prof. Garbati advised the general public to always come forward to accept early screening of cancer, saying knowledge is also part of the preventive measures.

“Another preventive measure is for one to have access to knowledge, people need to know the various types of cancers and their possible remedy”, he said.

The Professor stated that once people have knowledge, they can be able to prevent cancers that can be prevented by vaccination.

“If they know, they can take their vaccines early and for those that the need to detect early, the cancer can be identified early so that it can be cured”, the professor pointed out.

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