What connects Governor Bala Mohammed, members of the state and national assemblies with the people of Bauchi state


By John Murai.

It is no longer news that the 2023 general election has come and gone where various leaders from different political parties emerged.

In Bauchi, Governor Bala Mohammed returned elected to complete his last tenure of four years defeating the candidates of the APC, NNPP, PRP and APM among others.

At the Bauchi state house of assembly, history repeated itself but this time around in favor of the ruling people’s Democratic party PDP in the state.

In 2019 the ruling PDP won only eight seats in the Bauchi state house of assembly, NNPP won one seat while the all progressives congress APC won twenty two seats making the opposition APC in the state to formed the majority in the 9th house of assembly(though some APC members later defected to the PDP).

History however repeated itself in the 2023 general election as the PDP came from eight members to win the majority with 22 members, NNPP one and the opposition APC who formed the majority in 2019 now has eight members at the tenth Bauchi state house of assembly.

At the national assembly levels in 2019 the all progressives congress swept all the three senatorial seats, won 11 seats out of the 12 house of representatives seats in the state (though PDP later retrieve some seats in the Court).

In the 2023 general election however, the PDP won two senatorial seats, APC won one, while seven house of representatives seats went to the PDP with the all progressives congress APC winning six seats.

It is interesting to Note that despite their political party difference the 9th Bauchi state house of assembly buried their ego and work with the the executive arm in attaining various success.

The many developmental projects executed in the last four years by the Bala Mohammed led administration in Bauchi state cannot be completed without mentioning the immense contributions and support of the members of the state house of assembly under its Speaker, RT HON Abubakar Y. Suleiman as they legislate well.

Campaigns and elections are over, it is therefore now time for governance which requires Governor Bala Mohammed, members of the state and national assemblies to have a rethink, bury their political differences and work towards attracting developmental projects to the good people of Bauchi state for sustainable growth and development.

We will expect the cordial working relationship that existed between Governor Bala Mohammed and members of the Bauchi state 9th house of assembly to repeat itself as they settle down for real business of representation.

What connects Governor Bala Mohammed, the three senators from Bauchi state, twelve house of representatives and the 31 house of assembly members elected on different political party platforms is the quest to deliver dividends of democracy to the people of the state.

As leaders they should note that they will account for their stewardship on earth and in the hereafter, hence they should look at Bauchi state and its citizens as their priority, burry their ego and political differences, work towards changing the fortunes of the people for posterity to judge them well.

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