When Former Borno Council Chairmen Pitched Tent With Buratai

By: James Bwala

Lt. General Tukur Yusuf Buratai, the former head of the army, received two messages from former Borno state local government Chairmen forum, who paid a courtesy call on him at the famous snake farm along Abuja, Keffi road. Alhaji Malum Bulin, the forum’s chairman, said the former local government chairmen in Borno state have been observing the political atmosphere in the state as well as the former army chief to look for a chance to express their admiration for his bravery in leading Nigeria out of the dangers of terrorism. The height which left almost all of the local governments in the state vacant. That is also the time when he (Buratai) assumed command of the Nigerian Army.

For many locals, who struggled to breathe through numerous nights of fear and days filled with blood to save the once-peaceful region from the fiery sword of death and its messengers. Buratai, who headed the Nigerian Army from 2015 until his retirement in 2021, has come to symbolize bravery. When he intervened to save the state, the Boko Haram insurgency was extensive and thick. As he began visiting one town and hamlet after another to brighten the faces of those hoping for tomorrow, it was a chilling scene with many worn faces.

From Kukawa to Gwoza, a journey that appeared to last on forever, he finally found calm after riding in the pitch black to bring the day and riding beside it through the longest night. Although he and his warriors were hungry and thirsty, they went to rescue the people and reclaim the lost calm.

The Forum Chairman, Alhaji Malum Bulin, spoke on behalf of the former local government chairmen in Borno state when he told General Buratai that their initial message to him was one of gratitude for always standing by the people of Borno and northeastern Nigeria to help lead the area toward peace while commanding the Nigerian Army.

“We’ve been waiting. We have looked at what we can do to make this day happen. We appreciate the chance to express our gratitude for everything you did for us by leading the Nigerian Army to liberate our local governments from the control of the rebels. We are grateful to you and will always be grateful. As I mentioned, we are standing here on behalf of the previous local government chairmen in Borno state, and we have two messages. I can guarantee that more than 30% of the people in Borno State are behind each and every one of us who is present and who is speaking on behalf of the state’s 27 local government areas. This is to let you know that, taken individually, we are still holding steady.” The Forum Chairman said

He claims that the second reason they are there is because General Buratai, who has successfully led an army through numerous battles and emerged victorious, will also make a good political general who can give the people of Borno state and Nigeria guidance in the nation’s expanding political landscape. Alhaji Malum Bulin further noted that because the infantry general is a prominent figure in Nigeria’s current political events and is a member of the ruling party, they are positioning themselves as his eyes and ears on the ground.

“We’ve also come to let you know that all we needed was your blessings since we were confident that the decisions we made were in line with the hopes and aspirations of our followers throughout Borno State. As a result, by pitching our tents alongside you, we are also recognizing your leadership abilities and expertise in strategic planning. We will follow your lead and travel with you in all directions. We will continue to serve as your foot soldiers, traveling through the hinterlands to carry out your orders whenever necessary. We committed to this.” Alhaji Bulin said.

Speaking as well, Ali Umar, a former head of the Maiduguri Metropolitan Council, informed the General that they had come to him for a variety of reasons. “Our forum’s chairman has covered everything. However, I must say that as a result of what you accomplished, the majority of our villages, which were before nothing more than ghost towns, are now thriving. Our folks were able to go to the farm last year and this year, plant their crops, and reap a good harvest. Prior to the operations under your direction that liberated all these villages and towns throughout the state and the region as a whole, we were unable to do this for a number of years.”

Abubakar Mai Derive, who supported the speakers, reaffirmed the chairmen’s commitment to supporting the political aspirations and objectives General Tukur Yusuf Buratai sets out to pursue in his political investigations.

The former Army Chief expressed his satisfaction at having people pay attention to his work as an Army General and now in the political arena while praising their dedication and support. “I appreciate your compassion and encouragement as well. To ensure that our candidates win the upcoming elections, I will however urge us to maintain our concentration and take the necessary action. We are concentrating on our Presidential Candidate and his running mate. We have a bright future, and we’ll make sure to take the necessary steps to instill hope in our people.” Buratai said.


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