White House Group Roots For Hon. Idris Wase Reps Speakership

By Khalid Idris Doya 

A non-governmental organization, ‘White House’, has called on members of the House of Representatives-elect to massively support the candidacy of incumbent deputy Speaker Ahmad Idris Wase to become the Speaker of the tenth assembly.

The leader of the Organization, White House, Alhaji Haruna Garba, who made the plea in Bauchi yesterday while speaking with Journalists, recalled the memorable stewardship of Wase’s deputy speakership of the 9th House of Representatives which, he noted, is worthy of emulation by any would-be political leaders in the country.

Alh. Haruna Garba attributed deputy speaker Wade’s fourth times election by his constituents of Wase federal constituency to his exemplary leadership and ability to provide democracy dividends to the electorates.

“We the electorate are the living witnesses of his agility, statesmanship, sagacity and political versatility, his house leadership style, and above all the fear of God in whatever he do”, Garba said.

The ‘White House’ leader noted that Wase’s federal constituents, Plateau state, and indeed Nigerian electorates generally have immensely benefited from his membership of the House.

Garba stated that with his vast legislative duties experience, if Wase is given the leadership of the House of Representatives, Nigerians generally irrespective of creed, ethnicity and political persuasions stand to gain slots from his stewardship.

Haruna emphasized the need for all hands to be on deck to support the deputy Speaker, citing his impressive track record.

Haruna Garba commended Wase’s constituents for electing him to represent them in the green chamber for the fourth time, and expressed confidence that his experience would enable him to lead the assembly effectively.

He emphasized the significance of having a competent and capable Speaker to steer the legislature in crafting laws and policies that would enhance the welfare of the country and its citizens.

Garba called on all stakeholders, including political parties, lawmakers, and civil society groups, to throw their weight behind Wase’s candidacy and ensure a smooth and successful leadership transition in the House of Representatives.

The Leader of the Non-governmental Organization urged them to set aside their differences and collaborate for the common good of the country, citing Wase as a leader capable of unifying and motivating people towards a shared objective.

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