Why Hamma Misau should return to Senate – NNPP stalwart

Mohammed Kaka Misau

As the 2023 general elections draws nearer, a stalwart of the New Nigeria Peoples Party (NNPP) in Misau local government area of Bauchi state, Alhaji Isa Yunusa Misau has said that the Bauchi Central Senatorial District deserve no other person than the Party’s senatorial Candidate, senator Isah Hamma Misau.

He said that the NNPP senatorial Candidate for Bauchi central who served as senator from 2015 to 2019 performed creditably well and as such many of the constituents are willing to vote for him in 2023.

Speaking in an interview with our Corresspondent yesterday, Alhaji Yunusa said Isah Hamma to date, remains the only senator whose presence is seen across 63 wards of the six local governments he represented in the Senate.

“So, you can see that there is no electoral ward that you cannot see the projects he executed despite being a Lawmaker whose primary assignment is to make legislations, so he deserves a come back”, Alhaji Yunusa said.

The NNPP stalwart who said that the senatorial Candidate of the party sponsored many bills during his tenure in 2015, recalled that bills regarding the establishment of schools were sponsored by Hamma Misau.

“He sponsored many bills and contributed to moving motions that brought a lot of development not only to his constituency but Northeast in general and people know that he sponsored so many bills”, he said.

Alhaji Yunusa who said that the bills sponsored by Hamma are too numerous to mention, added that no senator in Bauchi central had the opportunity of doing what Hamma did in terms of bringing development to the area.

“Isah Hamma did a lot of things, for instance, he constructed modern market in Dambam local government, he installed solar power, coupled with the empowerment of many women and youth in Dambam local government”, he said.

In Misau local government, Alhaji Yunusa said that the achievements of the former senator are visible for everyone to see, adding that he facilitated the establishment of two schools, explaining that the one which has been put on ground is the Navy Secondary school.

“Apart from that, he constructed some health facilities, there are schools, empowerment of youth and women, he also build skills acquisition center here in Misau”, Alhaji Yunusa said.

Yunusa who recalled that during his stewardship as Senator representing Bauchi central, Hamma distributed 40 cars to some constituents, adding that during his time, there was no place in Misau that you cannot find potable water.

Alhaji Yunusa who said that the senatorial Candidate of the NNPP was instrumental to the allocation of federal college of education to Misau lamented that as a result of his absence in the Senate, the story has changed.

“What we are hearing is that the college has been taken to Jama’are, but honestly speaking, everybody is aware that the allocation of the institution to Bauchi was facilitated by the senator Hamma”, the party stalwart pointed out.

He said in Darazo local government, many classroom blocks were constructed by the senator in Kari and Darazo town, including provision of power transformers.

“We provided skills acquisition training to many youths and women in order to improve their living standard, we provided Solar powdered boreholes and Solar power to lighten our streets, the projects of Isah Hamma Misau are all over the place for everyone to see”, Alhaji Yunusa added.

In Ganjuwa local government area, Alhaji Yunusa said, beginning from Soro, classroom blocks were constructed by the senator.

“If you go to Kamfanin Kutare to Zalanga to Dabe and in Kafin Madaki you will see water pumps and many other developmental projects executed by Isa Hamma. He was abled to also empower many people in that local government. Like I have been saying, I think there is no local government that union of transport workers (NURTW) did not get at least three or four hummer bus each, and hundreds of motorcycles were also distributed to the youths”, he said.

He added that in Warji local government area, the Senator facilitated the provision of Etisalat network service for Baima Community which was totally out of service, which according to Yunusa, the gesture has improved the economic activities of the people of Baima.

“If you go to Warji, at the tail end of the local government, you will see a big hall that was constructed for them. This hall has been a center of attraction because almost all activities that requires gathered of people is been carried out in the hall. In addition to that, of all the ten wards of Warji, there is no ward that we have not done project there, be it boreholes, wells, solar powered lights, among others, we have done so many things time cannot permit me to mention”, he said.

Alhaji Yunusa said in Ningi local government area, the senator did a lot of projects, particularly the provision of potable water from Nasaru to Gadan-maiwa.

He said, “if you go to Burra you will see where we provided classroom blocks. There is no place in Ningi town that we did not provide Solar power. I can recall, in a day, we distributed no less than 120 motorcycles and more than 12 cars in Ningi town as empowerment packages”.

Alhaji Yunusa who called on the people of Bauchi central senatorial district to vote for Isa Hamma Misau for senator, reminded them that the former senator is the person that loves them.

“I am very sure that Senator Isa Hamma love the people of Bauchi central and they also love him. All that I said about him is with all honesty and I am sure that the voters are witnesses to what the former senator did during his stewardship from 2015 to 2019 and I am very sure that they are going to vote for him come 2023”, he said.

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